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How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown. #AD

Hello friends. Happy Good Friday. Any fun plans for the weekend? It is my youngest sons birthday so we are thinking of having a SKYPE party! Getting some of our family together by the internet will be great.

Today I am sharing a post on how to take care of your car during lockdown. As soon as we get the go ahead to leave our houses again, we want our car to be in tip top shape, don’t we?

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown:

As per the current situation, it is not at all advisable to drive or take your car out. But having your car standing still in the garage can have many negative effects.

Lockdown is an ideal time to give your car the attention it needs. Performing effective car care will help you stay safe from any troubles later on and you ca be confident about driving when things resume their original state.

The downside is if you do not make use of this time correctly, your car will have problems and you will end up paying for hefty repairs. This will be an added expense and a challenge for you because economy is already very disrupted.

If you want to have a safe and sound vehicle, see below and try incorporating these tips in your daily routine.

Clean Your Car And Tyres:

You should run a thorough check on your tyres. Cleaning your car is also a good approach and this will help you avoid damaging the paint work.

You can clean your tyres at home and during this process if you diagnose any signs of wear and tear on the surface, you would know to get a new replacement as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

Let’s say you are in Scotland and you notice faulty tyres, you can research online and compare prices so you can take your car for tyre fittings later.

Many local areas in Scotland like Kirkcaldy have local garages to help you out. One such place for ordering tyres online in Kirkcaldy is Fife Autocentre and you can talk to their experts on this number +44 1592 644955

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown

Always Protect The Interior:

If you have leather seats you should use a dry cloth to remove any dust particles. This will stop dust accumulation and you will have a squeaky clean surface.

You can also use a slightly damp cloth to really get the particles off. 

Put The Handbrake On:

It is advisable to put the handbrake on so that your car’s mechanics are not compromised.

Many experts have the same opinion about storing your car with an activated handbrake.

This is to prevent fusing of the brakes and less damages later. 

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown

Avoid Damages To The Battery:

Your battery will obviously die out if your car is not moving. A good way to combat this is by starting your car for a few minutes after every few days.

This will help you have a sustainable battery and you can extend the life of your battery to a great extent. 

How To Take Care Of Your Unused Car During Lockdown
Photo Credits: Thanks to the amazingly talented Jill Wellington.

This is a commissioned post. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you find these tips handy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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