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I Can’t Sing… I Can’t Dance… But Who Cares I Smell Like Rihanna…

I Can’t Sing… I Can’t Dance… But Who Cares I Smell Like Rihanna…

How cold is it?

Seriously how cold and windy is it?

As if the non stop rain was not bad enough!!

Not letting the weather spoil mine and the little two’s fun we went out today, a mile walk and a 40 minute train ride into Nottingham.

Hope you all had a nice Valentines day?

Hubby brought me a lovely Rihanna perfume set and a beautiful card. I smelt this perfume at Christmas but wasn’t sure if I liked it at the time. When we were on our way home I realised I love it, arr to late then!!

It was a lovely surprise!!

As it was so cold, windy and raining last night we stayed in. I put on my lovely new perfume, onesie and watched Benidorm on Sky plus and we shared a bottle of red wine and lots of cakes!!

What I wore to Nottingham~
Jumper ~ Charity shop
Dress ~ Sainsbury’s
Tights ~ Primark
Boots ~ Barratts

Another night in, Onsie on, “take me out” to watch and more cakes!!

We have just discovered Lidl’s pick and mix cake!!

Oh my they are soo good and the big savoury pretzels taste amazing too..

Now we have to make plans what to do in the holidays…

What are your plans for the weekend?


30 responses to “I Can’t Sing… I Can’t Dance… But Who Cares I Smell Like Rihanna…”

  1. Margarett Murphy says:

    Wow you look fabulous !!! glad you enjoyed your valentines night …

  2. Joanna Pabel says:

    lovely dress like always :-)Thank you for sharing

  3. Leovi says:

    Yes, funny effect, beautiful pictures in this mosaic!

  4. Kezzie says:

    Such a pretty outfit!!!!! Gorgeous outfit!!!!! The colours go perfectly together! X

  5. En4tainment says:

    The dress is lovely x

  6. Party of 5 says:

    Nice dress Claire. When you said you smelled like Rihanna, was a bit worried, lol.

  7. Winnie says:

    You also look much(!) better than her!Lovely outfit

  8. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    Your post title cracked me up! What a sweet hubby to get you the perfume. You look gorgeous, my friend!Debbie

  9. mrsmsmeanderings says:

    Pick and mix cake? Am rushing off to Lidl right now for some of that – sounds epic! Your outfit is lovely.

  10. Vain and Simple says:

    I like how the dress incorporates two prints. Gives it something extra!Stephanie

  11. Lauren {Fizz and Frosting} says:

    Sounds like a fab Valentine's evening to me! Those treats look so tasty!

  12. mother.wife.me says:

    S'funny how perfume can smell different on you depending on the season or the time of day. Love discovering a new one though! Thanks so much for linking to #AllAboutYou – love a good night in with my husband in our matching onesies side by side on the sofa – just don't tell anyone…

  13. Vicki Psarias says:

    Love this post-cakes and fashion! Fab #allaboutyou

  14. Carly Walko says:

    love the cardi belt combo! thanks for linking up!!!C

  15. willfullyelegant.com says:

    Such yummy treats! You are cute as a button!! :)Stopping by from style session link upWillfully Elegant

  16. Zarouhi Zaz says:

    Fab outfit, looks gorgeous, and those cakes look yummy too!Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYouMama-andmore.com

  17. Vicki Psarias says:

    Looking really pretty and I want those cakes now! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

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