I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now. Edna Mode, The Incredibles.

Don’t you just love this quote? It has got to be my go-to quote of the minute!

Hello friends, happy Monday. So how are you today? All good I hope.

Welcome to another creative Monday link-up. So what have you been up to this weekend? Anything fun?

It was my weekend to work so nothing much has been happening around here.

over looking the sea at Skegness

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now.

Freddie Mouse Does It Again:

I did get a funny text yesterday. My fur baby brother Freddie has been up to mischief! My poor mum found a sticky toffee pudding in the freeze and decided to take it out for after her dinner.

The next thing she knew, Freddie was eating it all up!! Never saved her a drop!! My mum sent me a text when I was just starting work and I could not help but keep laughing to myself.

A good job that no one saw me!! Freddie is such a rebel and reminded me of the good old puppy days.

Good Old Puppy Days:

Mollie ate everything and everything when she was a puppy. She ate my trainers. brand new shoes and when someone proudly grew me some love in the mist flowers, she ate them too!!

I was once washing the pots, looking out of the kitchen window, and noticed a poppy blowing in the wind. I was just thinking how I had not seen it before and it grew without Mollie seeing it either.

The next thing I knew Mollie took the flower head off it and it was gone.

Could I ever go through puppy days again? Now my adorable Mollie has gone? Looking back does distract you from the now. Could I ever love another dog without thinking of Mollie?

Would I Feel Bad?

Would I feel bad for having another dog, even though there was nothing I could do to save Mollie from cancer that had returned?

I know I could never have another dog until I am completely over Mollie but I really miss having a dog around.

Over the next few months, I am planning a few nights away with my husband and a nice family holiday abroad next year.

So maybe next year I will be ready for another dog, or maybe even two!? Sisters to keep each other company.

When I had Mollie, I never knew all the little border collie tips and tricks for keeping them active and working. Like I do now. With Mollie, we had to learn everything from scratch.

Like she loved to run in the park as she thought it was her duty as a working dog. She also loved to look out the window and keep watch as her working dog instanced made her do.

We almost miss the postman now without her giving us a warning bark!! We never know that delivery van has pulled up now and we never know that a cat has walked by our house now!! Just the little things maybe, but I really do miss them.

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now:

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now. Then when I feel all confident that I can smile and enjoy the day, a song comes on the radio to throw a spanner in the works. Fun- We are young.

The song we played at my dad’s funeral. The song my dad sang with my 2 youngest children. The son my dad sang proudly with his grandchildren. Learning one to sing and one to play guitar.

The one I filmed only on Boxing day of them singing it together. Then more emotions run through my head of losing my dad!!

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now

So here I am looking over the pier on Skegness, the place where my dad grew up and always loved to visit. Thinking what a crap year. My youngest children have never lost anything close before. This year they have lost a grandad and our dog. I wonder how this affects them deep down?

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now:

The view from Skegness pier. Overlooking the sea. Catching some beautiful sea breeze and fresh air. As you can see, the sea is not very clear and my daughter found this out!

She sat in the sea enjoying the water until a big wave came straight over her head and took her glasses with it. With no chance of seeing them, we all joined in the search for them! Poor girl.

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now

She only had a broken pair at home too as she is not good at keeping glasses.

Her other brand new pair got lost in her bedroom before this, forever! She was tidying up and realised a few weeks later they had gone.

We never did find this pair either. Maybe she chucked them away by mistake whilst tidying up?

Anyway, a few more photos from our few days break in Skegness a few weeks ago.

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now.

What I Wore: The Outfit Details:

Dress: c/o Joe Browns | Handbag: Cath Kidston | Shoes: Converse

Loving this dress as it is so comfy and dressy to wear. Always team a dress up with Converse when we are going out on long walks.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago in Skegness. We have a lovely few weeks of traveling to different places for our summer holidays off work. We have been to Sheffield, London, Nottingham and ended up in Skegness.

Back home now and it looked like we time our trips perfectly, as the weather has changed today. You can read more here Skegness Travels. Is Skegness Pier free? Yes, it is free to enter with lots of slots too.

Where Is Skegness Pier? Grand Parade, Skegness PE25 2UE

over looking the sea

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now:

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now. Do you like to wear Converse or trainers with a dress? Have you been to the beach this year? Are you planning a holiday abroad? Have you lost a pet and wonder whether or not you should have another one?

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I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now:

I Never Look Back Darling, It Distracts From The Now.

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  1. 12 April 2022 / 01:59

    And now you have a new pup! I do try to live in the moment with the children and try not to look back too much nor too much forward. Enjoying them as they are now.

  2. Carol
    6 April 2022 / 15:50

    Yes, memories are nice, but we don’t want to look back so much that we get stuck in the past — obscuring the view of the present. I appreciate your sentiments about replacing your dear, deceased fur-baby. The last time I went through puppyhood was 2003, and our Shih Tzu, Isabel, chewed on my shoes and other, assorted household items. She lived until the week before Christmas 2019, and we have not replaced her, yet. But I know I’ll someday get another dog. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without a canine companion.
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 14.

    • 12 April 2022 / 21:04

      Thank you Carol. They keep us busy and happy don’t they.

  3. Di
    5 April 2022 / 23:11

    Gorgeous spot to visit and what a grand view! I love your feather print dress, dressed down with sneakers. Looking back can be a mixed blessing, there is joy in remembering happy times and sadness in our losses. I have also lost very dear pets. I love on my neighbor’s and friend’s dogs and cats until I feel ready for my own, again. Thanks for sharing this lovely post and hope you have a good week.

    • 12 April 2022 / 21:02

      Thanks for visiting Di. You never stop missing them, do you.

  4. 6 September 2021 / 20:36

    I’m going to have to adopt that quote as I do too much looking back. I have lost a few pets over the years. Several years ago, we dog sat for our daughter-in-law’s parents’ Westie. There was no going back. We got Max in 2003 and Pete in 2005. We lost Pete to cancer in 2012; that same year we found out Max was diabetic. He lived for another four years. It took me until 2018 to decide my heart was ready for another little white dog who so wants to be a little black dog! Jack will be three on Christmas Day.

    I love that dress and the Converse shoes. I can’t wear Converse as there is not enough support. Instead, I wear my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers with dresses. I wore them with Lilly Pulitzer dresses this summer when we visited Hilton Head in South Carolina. The beach was heavenly as we’d not been anywhere in almost two years.

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:00

      Thank you Marsha for stopping by. Dogs are a big part of our lives, aren’t they. I miss my Mollie so so much. I love wearing trainers like yours with dresses too. In fact I need some new ones and you have just reminded me.

  5. Lydia C. Lee
    24 August 2021 / 22:22

    Loss is never easy and I imagine some of your pain and grief is getting mixed up and so growing rather than lessoning as time passes. But you will find comfort in remembering. It takes time. Take care.

  6. Heather
    24 August 2021 / 14:21

    Skegness looks beautiful. I love you in a dress and Converse. I need to try it someday. Freddie sounds like a little naughty one! You will know when the time is right for a new doggie in your life.

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:16

      Ha, I love having Freddie for a few hours when I miss Mollie so I realise how hard a puppy is again too!!

  7. Michelle
    24 August 2021 / 03:01

    First off your dress is lovely! It’s fabulous outfit.

    I have lost a few pets – both dogs and cats. As heart-breaking as the loss is, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to honor them is to get another. There is no way the new pet will ever keep you from missing the old pet, but they will bring you joy. They will help keep you in the moment.


    • 24 August 2021 / 18:15

      Thank you Michelle. I loved having her in my life as so glad I didn’t miss out on this. So having another dog would also bring new laughter and memories that I might have missed out on too?

  8. 23 August 2021 / 21:40

    Pretty place to take pictures! I think you will know when it is time to get a new dog. Mollie will always be in your heart!

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:13

      Thanks lovely, yes she will always be here x

  9. 23 August 2021 / 21:37

    Great saying and I know what you mean about needing time to heal from the loss of Mollie before you bring another dog into your home.
    You’ll know when that day comes. In the meantime, I’m glad you have wonderful memories and the antics of Freddie to help you move through healing. xoxo

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:12

      Thanks lovely. Freddie is so energetic. I am not sure I would have the energy for a puppy yet.

  10. Joanne
    23 August 2021 / 19:48

    What a pretty dress! We took a trip to the beach earlier this month but we only had one nice to day to actually enjoy it.

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:12

      Thanks Joanne. Aww, sorry to hear this. Hope you get to go again soon.

  11. Karren Haller
    23 August 2021 / 17:26

    What lovely pictures I love your dress and reminiscing, I agree sometimes we have to look back to remember the good times those precious memories.
    Thank you for the party!

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:11

      Thanks so much for joining us Karren.

  12. Wendy
    23 August 2021 / 13:32

    Love that quote!! I’ll use it. I find myself looking back and it’s not good.

    Freddie sounds wonderful. I had a Lab who as a puppy ate one of my best bras. lol.

    My now guy, a shepherd, chewed the corner of a favorite book, but I keep it around for the fun memory.

    Great post!


    • 24 August 2021 / 18:02

      Oh no, always something they find that they should not have. Ha! Thanks for the comment.

  13. Amy Johnson
    23 August 2021 / 13:08

    Thank you for the party. I love the dress. To answer your questions, Yes, I love to wear sneakers with a dress, but I don’t like Converse because they make my feet look to big. I bought one pair when they were all the rage, I wore them once, and they’ve been sitting in my closet ever since. I have had them up for sale on Poshmark for a very long time, but no one else seems interested in them either. Yes, I’ve been to a beach this year, but not an ocean, rather a great Mississippi River beach. No, I’m not planning a trip abroad. I have been to Italy once, but I will probably never cross the pond again due to CV restrictions. Yes, I’ve lost a pet. Many of them. It’s always heartbreaking and you never stop thinking of them fondly, but there is always another one waiting to be loved waiting in the wings.

    • 24 August 2021 / 18:01

      Hi Amy, thank you for the comment. I know what you mean about Converse. When they are new and so white the make my feet look big too. I like to get the vintage look on them then they are OK. Aww, I love the bit you wrote about ‘there is always another one waiting to be loved waiting in the wings’ So true x

  14. 23 August 2021 / 11:33

    Claire, what a lovely post. I love the quote but sometimes I think it is good to look back as well to remember our loved ones fondly! Your dress is so pretty and these photos are lovely! Remember that no one else but you gets to decide how and for how long you will grieve these losses. Sending lots of virtual hugs!


    • 24 August 2021 / 17:59

      Yes, that’s true. I do get upset so much over little things at the minute. Love your comment Shelbee, gave me so much to think about xx

  15. Pamela Graham
    23 August 2021 / 10:30

    Love the quote Claire, a good one for us all at the moment!

  16. 23 August 2021 / 08:06

    A lot to think about regarding a new dog. I imagine it’s not an easy decision.
    I love your dress!

    • 24 August 2021 / 17:55

      Thanks Lisa. I know, I don’t want to rush into getting one yet.