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I Wasn’t Expecting That…

Hello and welcome to my new blog; I wasn’t expecting that.

 If you are a blogger, you may already know me from my one of my other blogs? I write 4 now! Just a few then!?

 Have you heard of Claire Justine? If so that is me πŸ™‚ If not, hello I am Claire Justine. 

Here I will be covering anything from fashion, food, upcycling to my adorable pet dog Mollie The Border Collie but mostly food, especially cake as I love cake.

Clairejustine is 5 years old any day!! Eek, I must bake a cake and share it all-around.

I Wasn’t Expecting That- was you?

I wanted to start a new blog full of pretty photos, food and things that ” I wasn’t expecting” that happens along the way. A place to share lots of things I love.

Here I will share photos and anything creative, pretty, handmade or upcycled. Things that make me feel happy. A nice and happy place to be then. I hope you will enjoy reading all my posts and really hope they make you feel happy too.

So “I Wasn’t Expecting That” will be:


All mixed into one!!

Don’t forget to follow along? There are so many ways you can join me:

The blogs:

I Wasn’t Expecting That , Clairejustine , Coffee Break Reads   and  Mollie The Border Collie.

I love Twitter. You will find me here, a lot!!!

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I am also on Twitter Clairejustineo, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Facebook or you can subscribe if you would like to follow along? All links are clickable above.

Now were you expecting that?

Love to hear your thoughts. Pop me a comment below and I will try to answer you back as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy my new blog.


39 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Expecting That…

    1. Thanks Steph, ha! I am trying to be more organised, fashion on one, food another and crafts here. Only trying to post a few posts a week but I will see πŸ™‚

  1. This is looking lovely πŸ™‚ I'd get too confuddled having separate blogs so Stella just has a weekly Woof Wednesday instead of a blog of her own like lovely Mollie!

  2. Hi Claire, thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers. Love your photos and your creative ways with those scrabble pieces. One of my favorite word games. Good luck with your new blog.

  3. What a clever, clever way of 'advertising' what you're doing with the blog!!! I like it. As I like your beautiful bouquet of the shades of pink!!!

  4. Beautiful flower photo, Claire. I wish you well with your new blog.Many thanks for participating in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

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