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Instagram Lately..

I can not believe my I had to send my new phone back this week as the button was sticking πŸ™ 

How lost I have felt without it! A blogger without a phone; haha!! Here is a few of my pictures on Instagram I took before I said goodbye to it.

Love this scarf!

Sunday dinner on a Monday!!

Trying out mince pies, yummy!

Getting creative with my shoes..

Love running : 4 miles in under 40 mins,yeah!!

Strawberry smoothie after my run…

That sweet scarf again..

Mollie has been loving playing frisbee, something to take her mind off wanting to chase cars!!

How cool does the rain drops look!!

More mince pies, with cream this time and a cheeky glass of Rose wine!!

I did manage to get on my favourite photo sharing app Instagram though, will my old phone!!

Back to normal now as I have a new one sent out..

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4 responses to “Instagram Lately..”

  1. Margarett Murphy says:

    Love the scarf ..great pic and colours …oh and the mince pies look tasty yum yum !!!

  2. Tamar SB says:

    You've been having a tasty time as of late!

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