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Irregular Choice London : Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop……

Want to join in the blog hop and link up your wordless (or with words) photo posts up?

Well here is my favourite shoe brand.

What is yours?


18 responses to “Irregular Choice London : Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop……”

  1. Natalie A says:

    Woah, those shoes are really cool!

  2. Erika Price says:

    Awesome shoes! I'm a shoe-oholic, DH made me streamline my wardrobe and give 60 pairs to the charity shop, so I always have room for more!

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      I love my shoes too Erika, I am trying to clear some old ones out… ( so I can buy new ones ,hehe )

  3. pixiedusk says:

    They are very very unique shoes I know why you love them =) #WW

  4. Tamar SB says:

    Now that is a shoe collection!

  5. Cathi says:

    LOVE those fun shoes!! Happy WW!

  6. Kristin Aquariann says:

    Fabulous shoes!

  7. Leovi says:

    Yes , great photos. Beautiful windows !

  8. SarahMummy says:

    Fabulous, quirky shoes – and I love London too! Did you pick up any pairs? My favourite shoes are all practical – Doc Martens, Converse, Uggs and flip flops! I have a shoe type for every season!

  9. Nadine Hill says:

    What lovely colourful photos! I found this post from your other #WeekendBlogHop!!!

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