Joe Wadsack’s Seaside Donkey…

Happy Wednesday.

Are you looking for a midweek cocktail recipe?

Or maybe something for the weekend?

Are you planning a dinner party?

Fancy trying a Joe Wadsack’s Seaside Donkey cocktail?

There’s a wonderful summer feel to The Seaside Donkey which has been named after the vanilla taste we enjoy in an ice cream and a classy vodka mule.

How To Make A Joe Wadsack’s Seaside Donkey:

Serves: 1

Preparation time: 10 mins (all 24 hours is making Vanilla Vodka)

What You Need:

  • 40 – 50 ml Vanilla vodka (quite easy to find or you can make your own by cutting down the middle of a vanilla pod and adding it to a bottle of vodka. Leave for 24 hours before using)
  • 3 drops Angostura Bitters (optional)
  • 1 lime
  • 1 200ml bottle of Rocks Ginger & Wasabi
  • Lots of ice, to serve
  • Mint leaves to garnish

What You Do:

  1. This drink can be built in the glass for simplicity, but tastes much better if all the ingredients apart from the Rocks Ginger & Wasabi are shaken in a cocktail shaker then poured, along with the Rocks drink, over fresh ice.
  2. If using a hi-ball glass add 40/50ml of vanilla vodka, and if you are choosing to use it, add three drops of Angostura Bitters and the juice of half a lime.
  3. Fill two thirds of the glass with ice and then simply top up with Rocks Ginger & Wasabi.

Top tip:

  • Another way to make vanilla vodka is to add one drop of vanilla extract to the glass then the vodka, ensuring that it is dissolved in the alcohol.

*Recipe and recipe photo by Rocks Organic*

*No Payment was received*

What do you think of this Joe Wadsack’s Seaside Donkey?

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