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Karrimor Ambassador: Keep On Running

Karrimor Ambassador: Keep On Running. If you follow me on Twitter, you will already have heard that I was really lucky to be chosen by Karrimor to be one of their ambassadors.

This means I get to try out and review some of the Karrimor range. How cool!?

New running gear

Karrimor Ambassador: Keep On Running:

Who does not like receiving new running gear to try out!? I don’t think there is an item I love more than running clothes. Well except maybe shoes and polka dots?

I fell in love with jogging/running about 12 years ago. To begin with, it was a love-hate relationship.

I still remember the day I first tried to run 2 miles. I walked at least 10 times. I never thought I would be able to run 2 miles or indeed any distance without walking.

Yet here I am, a multiple time marathoner. I still find running hard work though, I have grown to love and appreciate it over the years.

Keep On Running:

As mentioned above, I love new running clothes and Karrimor is a brand I already regularly buy.

The prices are always extremely competitive.

The fit is always just right, snug in all the right places. Lastability too. So what’s not to like??

Even after a long run in hot weather, or a spin session in the gym, I can honestly say the garments have never let me down. Unlike my legs!!

Karrimor Ambassador

One thing I never do, but should, is run with my phone in case of emergencies.

No excuses now I have a phone armband.

Karrimor Ambassador

Me and Mollie after our morning run.

Sporting my beautiful pink Karrimor top.

Karrimor Ambassador

Rain, rain go away!!

I love to run in the rain.

I am not as keen on starting a run when it’s raining. However, a nice downpour while out running always brings out my happy feet.

There is something glorious about the heavens opening and being at one with nature.

Just me my thoughts and some raindrops.


Karrimor Ambassador

Over the last 12 years, I have tried plenty of different running socks.

Some cheap and nasty, some extremely pricey.

I always end up going back to Karrimor.

I recently received four pairs for my birthday.

My family know what I like!!!

running gear

Karrimor Ambassador: Keep On Running:

Hopefully, all this new running gear will improve my performance.

I have had a twisted knee recently, my fitness levels dropping more than I hoped. So back out in the morning, to get my mojo back.

I am trying not to be the slowest member of the family. With a bit of luck, I can keep my Daughter at bay for a year or two yet!!

To find out what I and the other Karrimor bloggers have been wearing, hit the #karrimorrunclub over on Twitter.

Happy Running!

About this post:

I am a Karrimor Ambassador, which means I get to review some of their attire. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post.

Keep up to date on all my running posts here: Running.

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14 thoughts on “Karrimor Ambassador: Keep On Running

  1. What a great thing to be an ambassador for! I have those exact same socks, I love them! I recently lost my phone armband so I need a new one, but my sports shop is currently only stocking large! Happy running!

  2. Well done on becoming an ambassador! I have a few karrimor items and they've always been great value. I do admire you commitment to keeping fit #mmbc

  3. Well done on becoming a Karrimor ambassador, they are a great brand and I love your choice of gear. Enjoy the running! Thanks for linking up to #BigPinkLink 🙂 x

  4. Hi Claire, I do like the Karrimor more range. it's affordable and practical. I love the feeling of running in the rain if it starts once I am out, but stood indoors trying to urge myself to get out isn't so fun and I'll usually wait until it stops…. The last two summers my daughter has been joining me on my morning run and leaves me standing. I do feel a little sad that she won't be joining me this summer as she has a summer job. Thank ou for joining up with the #MMBC.xx

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