Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art. Hello friends, happy Tuesday. So how are you today?

I had a nice lazy day yesterday to recover after a busy weekend. It was lovely. I even started painting the stair yesterday afternoon but something weird happened!!

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art:

In the summer we planned to paint the stairs and small rooms white. I picked up some fence paint, a really large white paint, and lots of paintbrushes and paint holders to get the paint done. Fast forward a few months of putting the jobs off I decided to start painting yesterday!

The paint has been in the bathroom corner for weeks and weeks but when I when to paint, the white paint had disappeared!? Nowhere to be seen. I hunted high and low but could not find it anywhere.

My husband even looked under inside the kitchen cupboards and drawers for it when he got home from work, but we could not find it anywhere.

I know some friends were talking about spooky scary stories the other day at work but this has blown my mind! Now, where could a massive pot of paint disappear too?

Did we both dream we bought some, has it really disappear, will it reappear any time soon?

I am really not sure what happened but I did find a half pot of paint in the shed from when I painted the hallway that will manage for now! I just had to wipe the cobwebs off it!

Nottingham Street Art

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art:

“There’s a great big hunk of world down there with no fence around it” – Tramp, Lady & The Tramp.

Still loving this lady and the tramp blouse but getting a little cool now to wear it on its own!!

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art

Step up your street style with a touch of whimsy by styling a Lady & The Tramp shirt with a pair of trendy jeans against the backdrop of vibrant street art.

Picture this: the iconic canine couple gracing your shirt adds a playful charm to your ensemble, infusing a dose of nostalgia into your streetwear aesthetic.

The casual coolness of well-fitted jeans provides the perfect balance, creating a laid-back yet chic look.

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art:

As you stroll through the city streets adorned with vibrant graffiti and murals, the classic Disney characters on your shirt seem to come alive, adding a touch of storytelling to your urban adventure.

The placing of the animated charm on your shirt against the raw and edgy street art creates a unique and eye-catching ensemble that not only reflects your fashion-forward sensibilities but also tells a visual tale of style meeting art in the heart of the city.

It’s a fashion statement that effortlessly merges the worlds of classic animation and contemporary street culture, showcasing your personality and love for timeless tales in a modern and captivating way.

I wore this outfit on a trip to Nottingham with my husband once when we park outside of the city centre and had a walk-in for a change.

You can guess how happy I was to find a bit of street art, can’t you? This street art was found not far away from where they have the Nottingham Goose Fair.

What I Wore: Blouse: Tu Clothing || Jeans: Tu Clothing. See today’s Instagram Post Here.

So have you ever had a case of the missing paint pot?

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 Street Art

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art:

Lady & The Tramp Shirt With Jeans And Street Art. Claire Justine Oxox- Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. You can also read more about me here: Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. Thank you so much for stopping by. Also, follow along on Facebook for regular updates.

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  1. Pamela Graham
    22 October 2021 / 10:23

    That brought back a memory! Last year early December I had two artificial holly wreaths in a bag in my hall, we were waiting for decent weather to take them to family graves. Out of sight out of mind and a couple of weeks later I realized they’d disappeared. I questioned whether we’d taken them to the churchyard and forgotten but no. Only the 2 of us in the house and it wasn’t Hallowe’en but they’ve never been seen since!
    So happy decorating and I love the street art!


    • 2 November 2021 / 20:19

      Oh wow, Pamela. That is so mysterious! Thanks for sharing with me.

  2. 22 October 2021 / 01:03

    That’s a cool mural! Love your fun shirt!


  3. 20 October 2021 / 22:48

    Claire your shirts are always the cutest and this one goes fab with that mural…so cute!


  4. 20 October 2021 / 11:30

    That’s weird Claire, thanks for sharing it with us. Love that pretty top too. Have a super week. Jacqui x

  5. Lovely
    20 October 2021 / 07:15

    The paint story is spooky! Your blouse is cute!

    • 20 October 2021 / 07:49

      Thank lovely. some strange thing’s going on here.

  6. Patrick Weseman
    19 October 2021 / 18:51

    Everything here is so very nice. Super cool.

  7. Heather
    19 October 2021 / 13:19

    That’s so crazy about the paint! I wonder if you’ll find it one day!? I love that cute shirt on you!

    • 20 October 2021 / 07:47

      I had to buy another one yesterday, Heather.

  8. 19 October 2021 / 10:45

    OMG, Claire, I am laughing so hard at your paint story! I had taped off my stairway and hallway in February and only just painted the trim a few weeks ago. Then I retaped to paint the walls and got all the paint and it has been sitting in the corner of my hallway for weeks now! I need to get it painted before my paint can disappears, too!

    Super cute shirt as well. Lady and the Tramp is one our favorite movies!


    • 20 October 2021 / 07:47

      Haha, yes get started quickly, Shelbee. Thanks for stopping by lovely

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