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Levis Trousers And Charity Shops Finds Worth Finding!

Levis Trousers And Charity Shops Finds Worth Finding

When is a bargain, not a bargain?

When is something that looks great, not great?

When they do not fit!!


Do you ever start a post and never finish it?

Today trying to clear out some of my unloved posts in draft that got started and never finished. I found this post right at the end, from over a year ago.

85 posts, yes I have in draft 85.

All started with an idea that got lost or forgotten about…

Anyway back to the Levis, I picked them up last year when having a nosey around the charity shop. My heart beat fast, I loved them, the colour, the style the length.

A Bargain £2.50 a pair, brand new tagged up!!

Got them home and to tight!

Perfect length but to tight!

Do the fit now?

Runs off to try?


But the good news is I am going to make them fit after Christmas.

So keep your eye out for the post!

These are one bargain that is going to stay a bargain!

Do you buy something that you think is a bargain, only to find out when you get home it does not fit?

Do you have unloved posts in draft? how many? please tell!

One last thing before I go I have a whole lot of new blog buttons!

Do you like them?

Please, please say yes?

If not lie 😉

Haha.. See you all tomorrow for Welcome to the weekend blog hop ….

16 thoughts on “Levis Trousers And Charity Shops Finds Worth Finding!

  1. Hi there!! Love your bargain Levi's, look forward to seeing you in them next year!! Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas xxx

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have 55 draft posts! I bought a brand-new top in a charity shop on Saturday and it is far too small for me- grrr!!! It's currently sitting in the spare room awaiting plans! Levis for £2.50 though- wow!! Regarding the blog buttons, welll- er- I- er- unfortunately…I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute.!!!!x

    1. Aww Kezzie you are grrreeeaaatttt !! thank you 🙂 I am going to start planning what to do with things next year get sewwing and having fun with some old clothes ,can't wait 🙂

  3. …Also, I have been meaning to ask you for ages- you know that shirt dress you have that has a black collar and cuffs and the main design is a sort of orangey swirly pattern, where did you buy it from? I am longing to get that dress, so I want to know what to search Ebay for in hope that someone is selling their old one at some point!!!!!! xx

    1. Aww Kezzie there is one on now, I will leave a link under here, not sure your size but you will know what to look for. Its a red flowery tea dress by Jane Norman, navy collar and sleeves. I picked it up in the sale a few years back for £10. it is my favourite dress and hubby loves me in it 🙂

  4. I love the colours of those trousers Claire! You have got to fit in them somehow!:) Your new header and buttons look great! I have a few posts in draft. Recently I deleted some. I really need to get cracking and have a lot more. I always like to be prepared ahead of time. You are certainly well prepared – 85! That is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Judy, was going to email you to see them ,but been so busy!! 85 haha lots are just a sentence or pictures that never went anywhere, no full posts!! 🙂

  5. Score! Love the colors! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Wishing you a lovely weekend and a very Merry Christmas♥

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