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Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve.




Hello friends, happy Wednesday. Thanks so much for joining us today for The Wordless or not so Wordless Wednesday Link Up! What photos have you been snapping away at this week? Do you want to share them here with us today?

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve:

My Daughter loves llamas. She is llama crazy. Everything she see’s with llamas on, she wants. She even wants on as a pet!!

You could say she is llama mad. I always call her a drama llama. Life is always a drama over the littlest things, so why not just call it a drama llama!? Ha!

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve

Whenever we go to London on the train, we spot some llama’s in a field at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

My Daughter always mentions that she wants to visit so one day we all hopped in the car and took a ride out to Attenborough Nature Reserve to see if we could find them.

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve

You Can See The From The Train But Where Are They?

It is OK seeing them in a field on a train from the train line but how do you get to them by the car!?

We parked up in the car park and took a nice big walk around the Nature Reserve.

Sometime later we found the train line but my Husband seemed to think they were a few miles down the opposite way to where we needed to go.

We were all really tired by then as it was a red hot day and we could not see the llamas anywhere.

Will a thirsty family and an upset Daughter, we started to head back to find a shop for some drinks.

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve:

About 10 minutes later we could see something that looked like llama’s in the field and my Daughter and I ran to see if it was them.

Yes, it was but they were right at the back of the field. The next minute they laid down in the red-hot Sunshine. We saw a farmer drive down the back lane, it must be feeding time I said.

My Daughter begged me to go and ask him if we could see them, so we ran to the back lane.

A big private property sign was up so I did not want to take her down and make the farmer have to stop his work.

Oh well, maybe next time we visit, the llama’s might have had their dinner and be at the front of the field!?

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve

Mollie came along with us too. She wanted to know what all the fuss was about!!

Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve #LinkUp

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Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve:

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14 responses to “Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature”

  1. Laurie says:

    Great mother and daughter time. It looks really peaceful xx

  2. Oh dear! I thought that there was going to be a happier end to this story – that you had spotted lots of llama and it was a fabulous day out for your daughter. We’ve visited a llama and alpaca farm here in the south of Israel. It was great fun!

  3. I love Llamas, aren’t they so funny! we stayed in a cottage once right by a field of Llamas and took a billion photos! Happy Wednesday xx Maria

  4. Heather says:

    Llamas are very “in” in decor lately I’ve noticed. They are so cute. Sounds like a nice mother/daughter day!

  5. Wow, so beautiful. What a great trip. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  6. Cheryl Shops says:

    My 4th grade teacher also owned a llama farm and wore a different airbrushed llama sweatshirt every day—she was quite a character!—and I always think of her when I hear about llamas!
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

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