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London Marathon 2015 Ballots Are out!!

Remember how I was saying on Sunday I wanted to know if I have got into London marathon from the ballot I enter months ago?

Me and my husband both entered..

Something to keep us busy through out the Winter months..

Well  it is a NO for us!! …

I can not complain..

I’ve been lucky for the last 2 years..

Once for a running club…

Once I was lucky on my own..

Would have liked my hubby to have got in though..

Lots of years trying to get a place..

Oh well, new goals..

New challenges..

Something else fun will come up..

Are you a lucky one!?!

Did you get in? 

Maybe we will go down and watch!?!

Maybe I will eat cake at watch from the sofa!?!

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5 responses to “London Marathon 2015 Ballots Are out!!”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    So different then in the States, where the big marathons you qualify for via half marathons of marathon times from other cities. Sorry you didn;t get in!

  2. Kezzie says:

    Oh a shame but I guess a relief!x

  3. Izzie Anderton says:

    Such a shame! Here's hoping that you and hubby both get in for 2016 x

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