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London Marathon

London Marathon.

I have been trying to get back into my running for a while now. I thought that maybe writing a blog post on London marathon day about my fitness would inspire me to get out running and to the gym again!? Who knows, watch this space. Haha…

Mollie and I were up early and out running today. 3 miles run done and dusted, through the woods when all my children were all sleeping. To be honest, it is the furthest I have run in about 3 weeks and it felt tough.

No one even noticed we had gone. Another 2 miles planned for later with my daughter as she is still doing her New Years run streak.

I joined a running club last August and love training with a group again. Trouble is I am not getting any faster. In fact, I am getting slower, a lot slower. I really need to look at my diet and stop eating too many cakes! Surely I can still get faster in my 40’s if I change my diet around!?

What better day for a runner to write a blog post than on the day of the London Marathon? I’ve been there, done that and have the medals to prove it.

Yes, I do, I do want to run a London marathon again. 3rd time lucky maybe? As the first 2 times, I ran it my knees went at around 12 miles and I ran the second half of the race in pain as my knees locked!!

Haha, I must be a glutton for punishment?

London marathon is one of the most amazing, emotional and rememberable days of running ever.

One race I would love to run every year if I could get in. I remember one year feeling so ill and feverish before I did the race. Then at 5 KM, I got a PB, not good as I set off so fast for a marathon, crazy stuff!! You really do get carried away with all the runners around you. This is something my family will not let me forget.

When the ballots open each year, my name is in the hat on the first day. I have not got in for a few years now. I have been so lucky to run it twice though. Once I got a place from my old running club and another time I was lucky to get in on the ballot.

So now I leave you to go watch the race on TV. Having just done my run, showered and now trying to finish off the Easter chocolate. Tomorrow is another week and maybe I will be more healthier than this week?

Breakfast after this morning’s run. A smoothie, cup of tea, bagel. Ekk no wonder running never gets easier.

I love to hear the London Marathon theme tune:

 Maybe next year I will be lucky enough to get a place in the race, maybe not.

Are you watching the London Marathon today?

If so are you watching on TV like me or down in London watching it live.

For all my London Marathon posts click here: London Marathon.

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8 responses to “London Marathon”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    Happy marathon day! I would love to run London one day!!Dont worry about speed, just run each mile!

  2. harmskills says:

    That's amazing that you've done it twice! I have a 5k next week but no other big races coming up!

  3. stevebethere says:

    I'm impressed Claire, I hope you manage to get a place next year. I can't even walk down the Edgware Rd to Marble Arch and back once let alone twice LOLHave a runtastic day :-)PS: That breakfast looks nice

  4. Gina says:

    Love this post! You sound so much like me. Love when I'm running and it feels good and not like I'm DYING lol. I battled a hip injury two years ago and since then, I just have yet to get back full time, where you can run every day and not hurt anything! My goal right now is to run three miles, three times a week. Most recently, I contracted some sort of horrible upper respiratory infection and have had coughing fits that seize my body and take over like body snatcher LOL! But today, so far, no coughing fits so maybe I can run tomorrow?? Oh, tomorrow…Loved also that by posting and sharing your thoughts about running, you find inspiration. I have a small food blog where I share recipes, mostly so my own adult children can find what I'm cooking. I decided to also start a running blog where I can keep track of my miles, pictures of what I'm seeing when I run, and my observations along the path. Not sure if that would help you, but you are welcome to follow me on that blog and chime in when you like! Running is so much in the mind instead of the feet, isn't it? Oh… Happy running, Claire! Keep up the pace!Gina

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