Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding. Hello friends, Happy Friday. How are you today? Do you find it hard to relax in the evening? Maybe after a hard day at work or running around with the children? Today I am sharing a few ideas to help if you do.

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Changing your bedding may instantly make your room feel like a peaceful retreat. Making a few simple adjustments to your pillowcases, comforter, and sheets can help you create a calm and cosy space that encourages rest.

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding:

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding. Juggling with office work all day long or picking and dropping your kids and doing other household chores. We all need some time for ourselves too. In order to recharge our minds from all the piled up tiredness, we need to create a peaceful environment around us so we can easily restore our energies back.

This post will highlight important hacks you can carry out to make your surrounding or your bedroom as calm as possible. To set the mood, use breathable, soft textiles in calming hues, such as linen or Cotton Bedding.

In order to increase the comfort level, think about adding a cosy quilt or covers. You may also give your room visual flair and personality by combining and matching different textures and patterns.

To completely transform your space into a haven of cosiness and tranquilly, accessorise it with some plush throw pillows and a welcoming Throw Blanket. You’ll discover that unwinding after a demanding day or falling asleep peacefully is easier when you change your bedding.

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding:

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding.

Soft Lighting:

Firstly, Soft Lighting. It is very important to note that soft and dim lighting in your room can majorly make it more relaxing as compared to loud lighting. You can also use Lamps* as an alternative to bright shiny lights to make your room look more soothing. If you plan on placing the lamps beside your bed or in a corner of your room.

You can also make sure that those lamps have a wider shade so that the light falls evenly where you require. Hence, adding soft lights will help you turn your room to a relaxed room.

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Comfortable Bedding:

Secondly, Comfortable Bedding. Your bed is the most important component in your room that you ultimately rest on. Therefore, you need to see that it is as comfortable as you want! Investing in your bed could be very helpful.

Start off by adding clean and washed up bed sheets, adding upon nice cushions would make it look even more appealing. You will be amazed to find out how much of a huge difference bedding can make. You can pick up cosy bedding in your favourite styles for rejuvenating your bedroom.

Catherine Lansfield bedding is know for it’s, quality, style, and comfort. The brand has earned a good reputation for its quality range of bedding options that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary designs, classic patterns, or something in between, Catherine Lansfield offers a wide array of choices to suit any bedroom decor. Their bedding is not just about aesthetics; it’s crafted with attention to detail, using high-quality materials that guarantee a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

With a commitment to both style and functionality, Catherine Lansfield bedding is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating bedding solutions that not only enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom but also envelop you in cosy, soft luxury every night.

It’s no wonder that Catherine Lansfield has become a trusted name in the world of bedding, delivering both elegance and comfort to countless homes around the world. Catherine Lansfield bedding is a great choice. If you don’t know where to go, you can shop the new arrivals in Catherine Lansfield.

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding

Add Little Aroma:

Thirdly, Add Little Aroma. It is scientifically proved that a good smell can lift up your mood very quickly. For this reason you can add scented candles on your nightstand. Flavours like Lavender, Vanilla and Jasmine are best that will help you relax your mind. 

Further, when you rest up or try to sleep the pleasing aroma of the scented candles sooth up your mind and you aim for a peaceful 8-hour sleep. All the above additions in your room will definitely help you get a good night’s sleep and relax your body and mind whenever you want to restore your energy. My favourites are Yankee Candle.

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding:

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding. So what do you think of these ideas? Do you fancy trying any?

About this post: This is a commissioned article written along side of Yorkshire Linen. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and I hope you find this helpful. Also, remember you can share thoughts in the comments below. Follow along on Instagram.

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding.

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Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding:

Make Your Room Relaxing By Just Changing Bedding. Claire Justine Oxox- Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. You can also read more about me here: Over 50s Lifestyle Blog. Also, follow along on Facebook for regular updates. So remember you can also share your thoughts here too in the comments below.

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  1. 9 November 2023 / 23:48

    A comfy bed and linen are a must – we moved a year ago and we had to buy a new smaller bed (to fit in the new room) so we needed new linen as well. I am super happy with what we now have as it way way better than what we had for the past 30 years.
    I visited you via Homestead Blog Hop 470
    I linked up this week with = 25+26. I hope you will join us M-S SeniorSalonPitStop and W-S #WordlessWednesday. You will find both under BLOGGING.

    • 5 December 2023 / 18:58

      Thank you. I love a nice cosy warm space to sleep in.

  2. 26 August 2020 / 09:59

    Great post, Claire! I definitely need to have my bedroom as relaxing as possible. We upgraded to a king size bed a few years ago and it was the best decision ever. I made sure to get a super comfortable mattress and cozy bedding (although my bedding needs an upgrade now as well). I have my oil diffuser for relaxing aromas and soft lighting. It is all so important for a decent night’s sleep. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


    • 31 August 2020 / 13:57

      Thanks for stopping by Shellbee. I love our big bed.

  3. Catherine Sokolowski
    26 August 2020 / 01:41

    New comfy bedding, dim lighting and relaxing smells. If that doesn’t yell relaxing…!

  4. Dan "Jay" Reyes
    23 August 2020 / 15:57

    These are good tips to make a room relaxing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Catherine
    23 August 2020 / 02:55

    New bedding definitely has an impact on how we sleep and our nighttime ritual. It’s a good start if you’re struggling with sleeping, to make the bedroom a more inviting and relaxing place to retreat to!

  6. Marta Skeledžija
    22 August 2020 / 11:05

    I love when my bed smells so fresh and natural tones in bedding are so relaxing. Great tips.

    • 23 August 2020 / 17:21

      Thanks. I love it when my bedding is freshly washed.

  7. priya vin
    21 August 2020 / 22:39

    Agree with you on the 100%. I recently bought some organic cotton bedding and blockprinted quilts and makes me happy and relaxed when I go to bed every night!

  8. Mar Ward
    21 August 2020 / 19:14

    Comfortable bedding is key. I also find bedding that doesn’t have a lot of pattern or bright colours makes a room more relaxing as well.

  9. 21 August 2020 / 17:34

    I just love getting new bedding!

  10. 21 August 2020 / 16:24

    So worth it Claire, nice to see what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui x

  11. Melissa Cushing
    21 August 2020 / 14:40

    Oh my goodness…. I 100% agree with you here and I love good bedding! I will spend money on good bedding and believe me I take care of it but it so makes a difference 🙂 Love the post and will be back!

    • 23 August 2020 / 17:20

      Thank you Melissa. Aww yes I love good bedding too.

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