Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn

Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn/Winter. Hello friends, so how are you today. Love the latest fashion? Because I do. Also discover the latest fashion trends with Matalan here on Claire Justine.

Over the next few weeks I will be showing you some of Matalan Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection.

So what is the latest fashion trend right now? Mary Jane shoes are always a classic style and how beautiful is this dress?

1. Knee high sock £2-50
2. 60’s block pleat dress £25-00
3. Crochet intarsia dress £18-00
4. Mary Jane shoes £20-00

Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn/Winter:

Also check out the latest fashions to hit the store:

Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn

Firstly, a 60’s block pleat dress. Perfect for layering up.

Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn

Secondly, you can not go wrong with a Peter Pan tie collar dress.

1. Peter Pan collar spot dress £18-00
2. Peter Pan tie collar dress £25-00

Such a classic style dress.

1. Floral prom dress £20-00
2. Cable tunic £20-00
3. Mid length skirt £18-00
4. Tassel front loafer £12-00

Thirdly, layering at it’s best.

1.Wide leg jumpsuit £30-00
2. Strappy wedges £18-00

Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn:

Last but not least, another classic look, the wide legged jumpsuit. Matalan Ladies Wear Autumn/Winter. What are 3 current fashion trends? Short dresses, jumpsuits and anything layered. For more latest styles. check out Matalan.

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