Millionaires shortbread: After Running A Race

Millionaires Shortbread: After Running A Race Treats. Hello friends, so how are you today? As me and my 2 oldest boys are racing tonight I thought I’d make us a little treat for when we have done.

Millionaires shortbread: After Running A Race Treats

Millionaires Shortbread: After Running A Race Treats:

These treats always bring a tear to my eye when making. As my grandma always made them for me at Easter, Birthdays, Christmas or just whenever she thought of me.

Up until a year ago when she fell over and broke her leg, now she is in a nursing home unable to ever walk again.

Moving on… I made these last year and my oldest son said” I could just imagine bringing my family over to see you and you making me them “YES” not for a long long time I thought 🙂

If you’ve not got a food processor like me use a electric mixer but mine broke today so did it by hand. And the base didn’t turn out to good the shortbread stayed in the pan). If there is a Fairy hob mother that I’ve been hearing a few blogs mention I would love a new Electric whisk 😉

Forgot to mention my 2 oldest boy’s ran for Nottinghamshire  in the County champs on Sunday. They came back with a medal each 1 with gold one with silver = very proud mum.

What Is A Millionaire’s Shortbread?

What Is A Millionaire’s Shortbread? It is a biscuit confectionary item made of a shortbread biscuit base topped with caramel and milk chocolate is known as caramel shortbread, also known as millionaire’s shortbread, millionaire’s slice, chocolate caramel shortbread, and Wellington squares.

Have You Ever Wondered Where Millionaire’s Shortbread Got Its Name? According to our research, the “Millionaire” element relates to the fact that this variation of the traditional shortbread is exceptionally rich due to the addition of chocolate and caramel.

So How Can A Millionaires Shortbread Biscuit Be Cut Without Breaking The Chocolate Topping? Use a hot, sharp knife to cut it.

Should Millionaires Shortbread Be Refrigerated? The chocolate will solidify but only become firm. Now is the time to cut the shortbread into squares or bars, keep it in the tin, and store it in the refrigerator until serving.

Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free Vegan:
Recipe and recipe photo by Meridian Foods

Millionaires Shortbread: After Running A Race Treats.

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Firstly, Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free And Vegan. How yummy!? One of my all-time favourite treats is Millionaires Shortbread. My Grandma used to make it me every Birthday, Christmas, Easter or just as a special treat because she knew how much I loved it.

I always try to make it my children as a special treat too as it is such a special treat. Family faves, chocolate millionaire bars, are given a Brazil nut twist. Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free And Vegan.

Secondly, Good Natured Banoffee Pie Pots: Quick And Easy Treats. The new Ban-tastic Bananas from Good Natured are grown using only natural predators (good bugs) to control pests (bad bugs) and disease, so you can be sure that the range is grown in harmony with Mother Nature and free from pesticide residue. So today I am sharing a recipe from them; Good Natured Banoffee Pie Pots. Good Natured Banoffee Pie Pots: Quick And Easy Treats.

Thirdly, Strawberry Cream Caramels. Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to make a recipe with all my favourite things in Strawberry’s, biscuits, chocolate, caramel and cream so this is what I came up with. So good. I bet you want to try them too? Strawberry Cream Caramels.

Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack: A Classic Twist
Recipe and recipe photography by Delicious Alchemy

Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack: A Classic Twist:

Fourthly, Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack: A Classic Twist. This Millionaires’ Flapjack is a delicious twist on the classic Millionaires’ Shortbread. Here the biscuit base has been replaced with oats to create layers of oaty flapjack and gooey caramel all topped off with a layer of dark chocolate. The ultimate mid-morning treat! So yummy too. Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack: A Classic Twist. So yummy.

Millionaires Shortbread: After Running A Race Treats. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

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  1. This Mid 30s Life
    22 May 2011 / 20:07

    I saw the heading "millionaires shortbread" and since I'd never heard of it, read on. Looks amazing!! And now I'm very excited because I know this as "caramel slice" – not sure if this is another name for it in the UK? I made it ages ago and it was a complete failure but I'll try it again using this. Thanks! x

  2. 22 May 2011 / 20:22

    Hi,thanks for the comments…. we call it caramel shortbread too 🙂

  3. londonmum
    22 May 2011 / 18:41

    oh YUM – these look delicious. Pure temptation on a plate – might have to give them a go. Well done to your boys too!

  4. 18 May 2011 / 10:09

    Thanks for all the comments,Ofelia Thanks they were my grandmas 🙂

  5. asiadeli
    17 May 2011 / 23:43

    Hi,visiting from the Hop a Little Tuesday. I'm now following your blog. I would love if you could return the favor. Thank you.

  6. Dianne x
    17 May 2011 / 21:18

    Pure torture, heaven on a plate. For now I will just imagine the taste but in a few months will make some 😉 x

  7. Nic's Notebook
    17 May 2011 / 20:03

    Mmmm I tried to make these once but my caramel didn't work properly – time for another go I think 🙂 x

  8. Ofelia
    17 May 2011 / 18:29

    This looks so good! I'm hungry Now!I adore you plates and tea cups.

  9. Emma
    17 May 2011 / 16:17

    One of my most favourite things ever!

  10. cajunlicious
    17 May 2011 / 15:15

    Hi! Following you from the blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!- Jessica

  11. dressingup-everyday
    17 May 2011 / 13:39

    That look delicious, thanks for the tutorial.I have to try it.:)

  12. Misfits Vintage
    17 May 2011 / 13:14

    Oh these look AWFUL! Not delicious, sticky, gooey, yummy, sweet, caramelly, mmmmm…Congrats to your rockstar runners!Sarah xxx