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Mollie The Border Collie Weekly Photo Blog Hop..

Mollie The Border Collie. Weekly Photo Blog Hop:

I was trying to take some photos of a project I was working on in the garden last week when somebody wanted a little attention!!

As I was bent down Mollie kept jumping on the back of my head. Then she kept going underneath me, trying to lick my face!! Want something do you, Mollie? I could not stop laughing at her. I hope no one was watching or they would think I was talking to myself.

I left what I was doing and Mollie posed for pictures!! She loves me taking pictures of her and she is such a natural poser. How beautiful is Mollie!? Look at her little sweet face. It looks like butter wouldn’t melt!! Aww..

Such a natural poser!!

This is her, Mum can you stop what you are doing and either paly with me or take me walkies. Your choice!? LOOK.

Ok Mollie, hard not to drop everything when you look at me like this.

Mollie “Result” 

Mollie won and got her nice long walk. No worries, there is always another day to take pictures of other things though.

I adore these pictures of Mollie and think they look beautiful in black and white too, do you agree?

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27 responses to “Mollie The Border Collie Weekly Photo Blog Hop..”

  1. Emma Major says:

    He's gorgeous.Will be linking up later

  2. Rhonda Albom says:

    Beautiful, sparkling eyes.

  3. stevebethere says:

    LOL she got what she wanted Mollie is a smart dog heheh! she is growing quickly too :-)Have a wooftastic day Claire 🙂

  4. Karren Haller says:

    She is growing into a beautiful freind!

  5. Kristin Aquariann says:

    She's a magnificent model! ^.^

  6. Tamar SB says:

    She is so cute!

  7. Margarett Murphy says:

    Bless she got her attention lol !!

  8. Epic says:

    What a cutie pie!

  9. Jay CraftySpices says:

    Very nice and well done, she is a natural model.

  10. pixiedusk says:

    Shes so big now!

  11. Ana Love Craft says:

    Sweet Mollie! Hugs and love from Portugal,Ana Love Craftwww.lovecraft2012.blogspot.com

  12. Camille Griffiths says:

    She is too cute!!

  13. Margarett Murphy says:

    Aww, mollie is so sweet.

  14. Dog Names says:

    She's so beautiful! Mollie is a super cool border collie!

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