Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky. Do you have any photos to share with us today? Come and join us at The Wednesday Link Up. Do not forget to tweet me your links: Clairejustineo.

How is your week going so far?

My head is spinning to tell you the truth as I had some bad news last week about a family member that totally knock me off my feet. I am feeling in a better place today and staying positive and hoping everything will be OK.

Life can be so unfair sometimes and I never want to grow older and suffer in pain. I wish I could also take the pain away for the ones that are close to me too.

This quote is so true at the minute as you have to carry on even when all you want to do is hide away cry:

You never know what people are going through and sometimes the people with the biggest smiles are struggling the most, so be kind.

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky:

Moving on to happier things… I’ve not shared any photos of Mollie lately so her she is being her adorable self. The pictures were taken in Summer and Mollie was just chilling at my Mum and Dads house when we went to visit.

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky

My Mum was trying to grow some strawberries but something got to them first.

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky
Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky
Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky
Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky
Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky
Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky

Mollie was so hot so she decided to hide away under the pampas grass!!

Mollie The Collie #WordlessWednesday Linky:

Take Your Dog To Work Day: Welcome to The Weekend:

Happy Friday and also, happy first day of Summer. The sun is shining brightly and it looks like not a rain cloud in sight. Is this the change we needed!? I hope so. Take Your Dog To Work Day: Welcome to The Weekend.

Crufts Started Yesterday: And The Winner Is…

This post is in conjunction with James Wellbeloved but all thoughts are my own. Hello friends. Happy Friday. How is your week going so far? Did you know that yesterday was the 1st day of world-famous dog show, Crufts? Are you watching it?

I used to love watching Crufts when I was younger, dreaming of having a dog that I could show off to the world how clever they were; Crufts Started Yesterday: And The Winner Is.

Love Your Pet Day: Wordless Wednesday Link up:

A big shout out to Mollie today as it is love your pet day! Also a big shout out to all of your lovely pets too, if you have any? I would love to know what pets you all have. Let me know if you have any and what kind of pets you have 🙂 . Love Your Pet Day: Wordless Wednesday Link up.

Snow On The Higher Ground: #WeekendLinkUp

Happy Friday Friends. Pinch punch, it’s the first of the month! February already! I can not believe how quickly this week has gone since, I published the weekend blog hop last week.

Can you believe I wrote an whole Wordless Wednesday post out because I thought was only Tuesday last night!! Doh. I blame this cold weather affecting my brain. Snow On The Higher Ground: #WeekendLinkUp.

Just Did It! Wordless Wednesday Link Up:

Just Did It! Wordless Wednesday Link Up: As I have a few weeks off work I made a deal with myself to run everyday a few miles with Mollie.

I had forgotten how hard running is. Especially a few stone heavier!! So far so good but we are only on day 3!! Just Did It! Wordless Wednesday Link Up.

Coat And Boot Weather: #WordlessWednesday:

Now Winter is here it is defantatly time to wrap up warm and wear your coat and boots. Even Mollie has her own little jacket. Doesn’t she look sweet in hers? It even has flashing lights for nighttime. Coat And Boot Weather: #WordlessWednesday.

Mollie On Walkie:

I love this little spot in the woods where the trees are all in line. Perfect for a photos shoot but I’m sure Mollie is not going to help me take some outfit photos, so I will take some of her here 🙂

Mollie concentrating on me throwing the Frisbee. I have to get some photos fast before she clicks on and starts running around.  Mollie On Walkies #WordlessWednesday.

Out In All Weather:

Mollie The Border Collie loves walkies and has had me going out in all weathers this week. Out In All Weather #WeekendLinkUp.

A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Border Collie:

Dog Tales. This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®. Mollie and I love walkie’s. This week we have teamed up with PEDIGREE® to share a day in the life of Mollie The Border Collie. A Day In The Life Of Mollie The Border Collie.

Take Your Dog To Work Day:

Hope you have had a great week? Yeah, the weekend is almost here. It is my Daughters birthday tomorrow! 13 years old already. Where does the time go!

Now I have to plan a gluten-free party! Also, lots of homemade gluten-free birthday cakes. Take Your Dog To Work Day #WelcomeLinkUp.

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  1. 22 September 2019 / 19:25

    Mollie, you are so beautiful and your mom’s photos are so gorgeous –
    congrats for being featured at Inspire Me Monday #401 at Create With Joy! 🙂

    • 28 October 2019 / 18:58

      Thanks for hosting and the feature 🙂

  2. 13 September 2019 / 10:38

    I always love to see Mollie!

    • 18 September 2019 / 16:55

      Aww, thanks Heather 🙂

  3. 12 September 2019 / 07:20

    Good luck for the family member!
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Cheryl Shops
    12 September 2019 / 04:47

    So sorry to hear that someone in your family is struggling. Maybe Mollie can give them some kisses?
    Cheryl Shops

    • 18 September 2019 / 16:56

      Thanks Cheryl. Mollie is good at making people feel loved 🙂

  5. Mother of 3
    11 September 2019 / 20:00

    Oh I so agree with that quote! I hope everything works out OK for your family member…

  6. 11 September 2019 / 15:26

    Very cool photos of Mollie out in the world. Very nice.

  7. 11 September 2019 / 13:36

    Nice to see Mollie and all your lovely photos of outside in nature. Thanks for hosting this linky

    • 18 September 2019 / 16:58

      Thanks for joining us Judee 🙂

  8. 11 September 2019 / 12:45

    Sending lots of positive healing energy your way, my friend, for you and your family member that is struggling.