Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea. Hello friends, happy Thursday. So how are you today?

Only 10 days until Mother’s Day. Are you doing anything exciting? I am working that day. Mother’s Day Sunday, 19 March 2023 UK.

Part of the excitement of receiving a gift is also the wrapping itself. So why not make that wrapping even more special?

Today I’m sharing some tips on how to wrap your Mother’s day gifts or wrapping a present for any other special occasion.

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea:

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea.

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Think Of Design.
  • Secondly, Pick The Right Tape.
  • Thirdly, Make Sure You Have Enough Paper.
  • Fourthly, Nice Clean Edges.
  • Fifth, Add Finishing Touches.

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea. Looking for a unique way to make your Mother’s Day gift stand out?

Check out this creative gift wrapping ideas that will add a special touch to your present and show your mum just how much you care.

From DIY paper wrapping to personalised gift tags, we’ve got you covered. Browse our collection of Mother’s Day gift wrapping ideas now.

So how sweet is this wrapped gift? Photos c/o congerdesign.

A special gift with a vintage feel and a modern twist. I love to receive presents that have been wrapped with lots of thought gone into the wrapping.

Makes the gift all the more special and exciting to open.

So Here Are Some Fun Tips On Mother’s Day Wrapping:

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea.

Firstly, Think Of Design.

Choose the proper wrapping paper. For the right person and the right occasion. Go for wrapping paper that is suitable for the event and the recipient.

There are numerous colours, designs, and textures available.

Secondly, Pick The Right Tape.

Use the right Sellotape but also consider using the double-sided tape. Due to its invisibility and ability to keep the paper in place, double-sided.

Or go for a sparkly tape that matches the gift wrapping. Maybe even a Super Hero theme.

Thirdly, Make Sure You Have Enough Paper.

Make sure you have enough wrapping paper to completely cover the present by measuring the paper. To prevent running out of paper or making unnecessary cuts, measure the paper before you begin wrapping.

Fourthly, Nice Clean Edges.

To produce nice and crisp corners, gently fold the edges of the wrapping paper. Practice makes perfect! If you’re not an expert at wrapping presents, practice on smaller items first.

Fifth, Add Finishing Touches.

Put finishing touches on your gift by adding embellishments like a bow, ribbon, or a gift tag. Lace, sticks flowers. Think outside the box.

Don’t overdo the wrapping though. Keep it simple and elegant. Remember that the gift is the most important thing, not the wrapping.

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea:

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea.

Things you will also need to wrap a beautiful looking present:

  • Brown paper or shiny gold wrapping paper
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Wide vintage cream lace, white lace or some wide ribbon in a colour of your choice.
  • Thin red gingham ribbon or a colour to match you wide ribbon/lace.
  • Metallic holographic craft paper to match your both above colours.
  • Heart shape stencil or cookie cutter.
  • Hole Puncher.

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea.

What To Do:

  1. Firstly, wrap your present in the paper of your choice.
  2. Measure enough lace to go around the present, tie in a bow and have a bit more left over.
  3. Add the bow to the present and cut the lace to a nice size. So level of both sizes.
  4. Cut some of smaller ribbon to tie the knot of the bow. Enough to make a bow. Set aside.
  5. With a heart shape cutter of your choice, draw around it onto the back of the card and cut out. 
  6. With a hole, puncher make a little hole at the top left or right of the heart. 
  7. Write your message on the reverse of the heart.
  8. Thread the ribbon through the heat and tie onto the bow.

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea. So perfect for Mother’ s day presents.

Handmade gift wrapping is also all about having fun and making them unique to you and who you are giving them to.

Do you like to wrap your gifts up nice and pretty like this one? For more ideas check out my Pinterest boards.

So are you looking for more Mother’s Day ideas? Click here if you are: Mother’s Day Ideas.

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea

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Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post. Updated post. First published here February 29th 2016.

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea.
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