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Mother’s Day Treats With Boden

Mother’s Day Treats With Boden

I love polka dots, my daughter loves polka dots.

We all love polka dots!!…

 Anytime we see anything with polka dots on it, we shout each other to come and see!!

You could say we are both polka dot mad!!

With that in mind, I was delighted to be asked if my daughter and myself would like to pick a treat for Mothers day from Boden.

After looking through some Mothers Day ideas, I noticed this polka dot coat for my daughter.

I knew she would love it.

The jacket is beautiful, warm and very cosy. It comes in 3 great colours~ strawberry split, bright green and harbour blue spot.

My daughter picked the strawberry split one straight away. We chose the 11-12 years size. It fits beautifully. (I would say it is true fit to size as this is the size I usually go for.)

Priced at (Was £34.00 to £38.00 ) on sale now (24/03/2014) at  £27.20 to £30.40

I picked a lovely Rainy day-Mac, perfect for the April showers.

The famous Rainy Day Mac is updated with new spots, and they also sell it in solid colours and a sensational multi-print. These are all shower resistant too which is great. Especially with all the rain we have had the last few months. The rainy day mac is a very flattering style, a beautiful fit, which is true to size, and very high quality.

Price (Was £119.00 ) now on sale at £107.10 (24/03/2014).

We had a fun morning posing in front of the camera and my 10 years old taking our pictures. When we pose together it always involves lots of hearts being made and lots of kisses being blown… A perfect day in my book!!

Can’t wait for mothers day now, I want lots of love, kisses, and to be taken out in style with my beautiful new jacket on…

Possibly something else from the Boden line would be most welcome as well (hint hint) in case my hubby or children are reading!!

About this post-

I and my daughter got to choose something for a mothers day treat. We picked these beautiful jackets. All thoughts on the jackets are my honest opinion and I was not paid for this review…

17 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Treats With Boden

  1. I love Boden! Both of your coats are adorable! Boden has such great quality. I've shopped their warehouse sale when it's in the area and always get great buys!

  2. What a great day – mother and daughter :)Both coats are beautiful, but as I'm still a kid (in many ways) I'd also pick the strawberry color

  3. Yes both the coats are beautiful and practical …looks like you both had fun .. enjoy mothers day !!! xxx(all you mothers out there too )xxx

  4. The coat is fabulous and you are both so photogenic. Your boy is a very good photographer too! Whenever my 10 year old takes pics of me and my daughter (do we all do this?!) he messes around and deliberately cuts us out of the shot! I think he's trying to get out of the job!

    1. Ha Sarah, mine to given half the chance hehe, i say get my head and feet in and it will be great 🙂

  5. I adore that coat, isn't it fun how a great coat and boots can make you feel ok about any weather

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