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Motivational Monday..

How does one become a butterfly?


15 responses to “Motivational Monday..”

  1. Dominique Goh says:

    So cool that you managed to capture the butterfly in action. It's really difficult to capture butterflies as I know they fly off super fast when they sense the camera around.

  2. Amila @Leisure and me says:

    Beautiful capture…..Still,for me it is really difficult to capture butterflies. 🙂

  3. Mystery Case says:

    Just gorgeous.

  4. Rhonda Albom says:

    Cool effect. How do you get the photo to change like that?

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Thanks Rhonda, I think they are called a giff? they are just my photos off my phone uploaded to my Google account. If there is a few in a row simerla, Google do this to them. I love seeing them..

  5. pixiedusk says:

    Aww lovely words and such lovely gif too =)

  6. Oh My Heartsie WW Linky says:

    What a neat tool to make your butterfly flutter!!!

  7. The Quirky Homemaker says:

    Beautiful! Love the quote. 🙂 Have a happy Wordless Wednesday!

  8. Margarett Murphy says:

    Beautiful picture

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