Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas

Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas.

Hello friends. Looking for some salad ideas to try out?

Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad, anyone?

Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas

How To Make A Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad:


300g selection of organic fresh crispy salad leaves – beetroot leaves, rocket and little gem

250g organic buffalo mozzarella ciliegine (small cherry-sized balls)

50g seedless red grapes

50g orange-fleshed melon

Half ripe avocado

25g walnuts

25g pine kernels

1 parge slice sourdough bread

1 tbsp mostarda di frutta (an Italian condiment consisting of fruit preserved in a mustard-flavoured syrup)

30ml extra virgin olive oil

2tbsp freshly squeezed Lemon juice

Half tsp honey

Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas
Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas
Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas


1.) Lightly toast the sourdough bread and cut into cubes.

2.) Carefully fry the walnuts and pine kernels.

3.) Then all you need to do is assemble your ingredients and scatter them through a generous helping of salad leaves.

4.) I prefer to assemble rather than toss the salad, as you can be a bit more precise and concentrate on the presentation.

5.) But in the end it’s your salad, so just enjoy it!

6.) Serve in lovely wide, white dishes with a simple dressing of the best-quality organic.

Mozzarella Treasure Hunt Salad: Meal Prep Ideas.

What do you think about this salad recipe?

Do you fancy trying it?

What are your favourite salad ingredients?

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Recipe and photo credit by- Why I Love Organic.

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