Music Monday #Week 6 Manic Monday

Music Monday #Week 6 Manic Monday.

Happy Monday. 

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Love music?

Hello and welcome to #week 6 of Music Mondays.

A fun blog hop where you can add your favourite music blog post up to the blog hop party.

A blog hop where you can share a fun, favourite, happy, special, great, sad, horrible song or two of your choice in a blog post.

Just post your song in a blog post and tell us why you Have picked this song then join the blog hop below.

This is a no rules blog hop but please pick family-friendly songs.

Do you want to share some music with us today?

Let us know what songs you are loving this week.

Music Monday #Week 6 Manic Monday:

Music Monday #Week 6

Just post your blog post with a song from youtube and why you’ve picked this song then join the blog hop.

Please hop around and see what songs others have picked.

This is a no rules hop but please be family friendly.

Music Monday #Week 6

Just post your song and why you Have picked this song then join the blog hop.

Music Monday #Week 6

My song choice this week is:

Manic Monday this is so much my day today and most days!

The Bangles – Manic Monday:

Six o’clock already.

I was just in the middle of a dream.

I was kissin’ Valentino.

By a crystal blue Italian stream.

But I can’t be late.

‘Cause then I guess I just won’t get paid.

These are the days.

When you wish your bed was already made.

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  1. pinkoddy
    14 November 2011 / 12:39 PM

    Love this song. Thanks for hosting again.

  2. Africa's Blog
    15 November 2011 / 6:23 PM

    Linked up (late). I have changed my blog to self hosted and it's been a LOT of hard work!! I still have lots of wrok to do as well!! Linked up above to the new site!!

  3. 16 November 2011 / 6:42 AM

    Africa's Blog; wow sound hard work thanks for linking up 🙂

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