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My Sunday Photo…

My Sunday photo this week is…

A beautiful surprise bunch of flowers…

 From my husband…


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My Sunday Photo..

Happy Sunday and welcome by My Sunday photo post today.  Having a lovely weekend?

We are. A bit quiet today though.

This week I am sharing a family fun Parkrun photo or two with My Sunday Photo blog hop.

Earlier this week we found a new Parkrun course to try out. Yeah, a new challenge. You can say challenge, it sure looks like one!

We all went up to visit it there after school on Thursday just to try the route out. Boy, is it a tough one!! I could not believe we had to try and run it fast one Saturday!

No one is going to set amazing times here but it is going to be fun and challenging. Very challenging. 

It was such a shame my husband was working yesterday so we haven’t got to try it out with the Parkrun runners yet. 

Hopefully over the next week or so we will get the chance to run it with everyone.

I best get some hill training in first!! Try to push on these hills. How fit can you get in just a few weeks? Watch this space!! Hehe, I am not sure I can be good on these hills in just a few weeks though. I may have to walk or crawl up them. 

A family selfie after we had finished the course. All smiles!! There will not be when we get to run this course fast!! At least, not from me, ha!! 

Long steep hill anyone!? Easy eh!? I can dream, can’t I?

Linking up some Parkrun course fun photos with My Sunday Photo.

What photo’s will you be sharing today?

Let me know and I will hop over to see your photos.

Do not forget to join us here on Wednesday where you can link up and share your photos with us.

My Sunday Photo…

Earlier this week I got 100’s of pictures sent me from a photo shoot with Marisota. So many favourite shots and this one makes me laugh out loud! The camera man was filming the day and I was very nervous at first.

After a while I got use to him filming. Trouble is I am not usually to good with speaking on camera. My words usually all come out wrong!! Hopefully I was OK!?! I can not wait to see the video now.

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My Sunday Photo…

This weeks Sunday photo was taken on Skegness Pier. 

I wish I was back on a beach now!!

Siting on a deck chair! 

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My Sunday Photo…

My Sunday Photo…

This week my daughter turned 10. How quickly has the last 10 years gone by I want to know!?! We had a fun family birthday party for her. This is her shy pose with a fun bit of editing She is just about to blow the candles out…

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My Sunday Photo…

This weeks ‘My Sunday Photo’ was taken in the Tower of London. In the distance you can just see The Shard…

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My Sunday Photo..


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14 responses to “My Sunday Photo…”

  1. OneDad3Girls says:

    Those flowers are so pretty, what a lovely surpriseThank you for linking up

  2. Suza says:

    so very prettybestsusa

  3. Coombe Mill says:

    Such pretty colours

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! How sweet. They are beautiful x

  5. Small City Scenes says:

    Beautiful flowers—lucky you.MB

  6. Latane Barton says:

    Somebody was lucky, getting a bouquet like that!

  7. pixiedusk says:

    Thats sp sweet and the flowers are pretty! #mysundayphoto

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The Photo Shoot In Manchester With Marisota

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