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My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites

I love the internet and today I am sharing a countdown to my favourite websites.

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites:

5. Amazon:

Great website that sell almost everything you need. At Christmas you want things on list from the children and they always sell out in the shops. Amazon usually have it in and it saves time going out for hours trying to find 1 item. You can buy lots of things here and not have to carry them home, pulling your arms out!!

4. Hotdeals:

Not that I  go on this site much,but my husband does!! He finds us some amazing bargains. I let him spend the time looking through then we both enjoy the bargains. Especially when their is some treats on offer at our local supermarket!

3. Six Items Or Less…. SIOL:

My new fashion challenge. I’m on my 2nd cycle this year and I love it. Wearing just 6 items of clothing for 30 days.

Great bit at the end of the video where Heidi say “my clothes are wearing out and clothes just aren’t built to be worn the way we are wearing them”.

To true I’ve just broke my zip on my black dress .

Great….I’ve now got to put a zip in 🙂 🙂

2.Blog land…

This is not one website. It is whole world of website. All over the internet. I keep finding lots of different blogs since I started my blog. Just by having a blog, I keep finding new ones. Amazing stuff out there. There is some great blogs around to read and I’m so glad to keep finding new ones. I just need more hours in the day to read them all!!


My Favourite training site,love it.It has everything you need to put your running training on. Having friends on here really does encourage you to get out and run, then add your training on the website for a bit of praise!!

You can make fab friends here and get great motivation. Also you get to see some great peoples training schedules.

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites.

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