National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday

National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday

National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday. Hello friends, happy Saturday. So how are you today? All good I hope.

Did you know it is National Hat Day? A day to celebrate all thing’s hats! Are you a hat fan? Do you like to wear hats? Happy National Hat Day! BTW!

National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday:

I don’t like wearing them very often as I do not like to get my hair messed up! I do however like a nice woolly one when I go out in the freezing cold weather. Or go out for a run. Well, I haven’t worn one so far this year then!! I really do need to get back into running!!

As I can not travel far yet with covid still around, and I really want to go to London, I thought I would share these photos again from Camden Town in London. From last year when it was lovely and warm.

You know how much I love finding street art, don’t you!?

What is Camden Town famous for? Camden Town is famed for its market, a warren of fashion and curiosities by the Regent’s Canal. Camden Market in London. Over 1000 shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art, and food next to Camden Lock. Also, I love it for all its street art.

National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday:

Last year I found a hat from my father’s. One he brought second hand with his birthday money. Aww bless him, I miss him so much.

He brought this Vintage Steampunk Hat because he loved how quirky it is. I can see why he loved it so much but I can never imagine him wearing it anywhere.

You can read the full post here if you want to: Vintage Steampunk Hat Reminds Me Of Alice In Wonderland.

I would love to wear hats and this year I must make it my mission to find one that suits me. Now that is a fun challenge!

Do you like to wear hats? If so, what kind of hat suits you? A cap? A bucket hat? Maybe a bowler hat? How about a French-style Beret? A beanie hat? Or something else?

The hat I am wearing in the photos is my husbands hat from Tu Clothing. I was taking a photo and I noticed the photo was live and moving.

I loved how it turned out. It was as though he was taking his hat off. So I pinched his idea and asked him to take lots of photos for me. They turned out great :).

What I Wore On A Fun Day In Camden: Floral Summer Dress: H&M || Hat: My husband hat from the men’s department in Tu Clothing || Bag my shop Claire Justine

So what do you think about our hat? Do you like the bright and colourful street art in Camden? I love visiting.

When Is National Hat Day? Saturday, 15 January. National Hat Day.

How To Celebrate National Hat Day? Wear a hat or why not even make one? If you are crafty, maybe?

Cool Places to Find Street Art in Camden

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Hello friends, also happy Saturday. Wait a minute, it’s not Saturday, it’s Satur-yay! Ha! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Sharing some more street art from a day out in Camden today for Street Art Saturdays. So have you ever watched The Goonies? If so you will know who this is! Kid From The Goonies Film: Street Art Saturday. So fun.

Fourthly, The Queen: Blue Mondays & London Street Art. I love finding street art in London and how creative is this. When looking through some pictures today, I found these photos that I had taken in London years ago.

I found these pictures of The Queen Street art. I can not remember where we spotted these and if they are still there but I thought they would be cool photos to re-share again today. So what do you think? The Queen: Blue Mondays & London Street Art.

Fifthly, 25th Wedding Anniversary And Swan Street Art:

So hello friends, happy Thursday. So how are you today? On Monday the husband and I celebrated our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary.

25 years of marriage!! Wow, where have the years gone?

I know I say this every year but, where!? See my Instagram here: I remember our wedding like it was just yesterday. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was 25 years ago!! 25th Wedding Anniversary And Swan Street Art.

Last but not least, Rainbow Crossing In Camden London, UK Travel. Hello friends. Happy Sunday. How is your weekend going so far?

The weather has been amazing, here in the UK.  I am loving the zebra crossing in Camden. it has been years since we last visited and was so pleased we went. Lots of amazing street art here too. Here are a few photos from our day: Rainbow Crossing In Camden London.

National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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National Hat Day And Street Art Saturday
Claire Justine
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  1. Laurie
    18 January 2022 / 08:59

    Hats don’t like me at all Claire! I love them as well xx

    • 24 January 2022 / 13:05

      Thanks for stopping by Laurie.

  2. 17 January 2022 / 18:18

    Fun post, Claire! I want to go shopping there. I love hats! Yours is adorable and it looks so great with your cute dress!


    • 24 January 2022 / 13:04

      It is great here. I would love to go again soon.

  3. 17 January 2022 / 17:10

    I do love colourful street art and Camden is a great place for it. Love your hat. I quite like wearing hats – they’re definitely a must for me in the winter as I hate getting cold ears. #MMBC

  4. 17 January 2022 / 16:26

    Love the street art! #MMBC

  5. Anne Sweet
    17 January 2022 / 12:42

    My husband is a big fan of hats but dislikes street art, whereas I’m a fan of street art but I don’t like hats much!

    • 24 January 2022 / 13:03

      Haha, thanks Anne. I love street art and I pinched my husbands hat for these pictures.

  6. 17 January 2022 / 11:29

    I didn’t know there was a national hat day, what fun!
    Yours looks great! I don’t suit hats, I wish I did. My youngest does though and has tons. x

  7. stylefrontier
    17 January 2022 / 09:13

    such lovely art and hat
    wishing you a wonderful year ahead

  8. 16 January 2022 / 23:04

    I love a good hat! They are so much fun. I wish it wasn’t windy here and I could wear one more often. Yours looks great on you!

  9. Missy May
    16 January 2022 / 20:36

    Sounds like a fun place to be. You look pretty in that lovely dress.

  10. Patrick Weseman
    16 January 2022 / 03:31

    Great street art and a great hat. Very nice.