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Nature Finds A Way…

Under All that snow for over a week, I am surprised these flowers survived!!


42 responses to “Nature Finds A Way…”

  1. Amy Burzese says:

    Flowers are a great sight after a hard winter. Nice shot.

  2. Evelyn S. says:

    I think your crocus variety is prettier than mine! 😉

  3. Melissa says:

    Beautiful photo!<3 Melissa

  4. Spare Parts and Pics says:

    Survived and looking great! Beautiful photo.

  5. OneDad3Girls says:

    Beautiful photo and stunning colours

  6. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    Those are beautiful. It's amazing how a pretty flower beating the odds can make us all smile.

  7. Coombe Mill says:

    Lovely picture of the crocus – I'm amazed some of our spring flowers have survived the cold, but they have.

  8. Jaime Oliver says:

    lovely picture, mine didnt make it! 🙁

  9. Ofelia says:

    What a beautiful surprise from nature.

  10. HPMcQ says:

    lovely lovely detail, the yellow and the purple look great. happy easter x

  11. LisaS says:

    So pretty!

  12. Jenny Paulin says:

    really? they are such a gorgeous colour too x

  13. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Awesome! It is is great that this lovely flower survived the snow. I love the colour!

  14. The Monko says:

    wow thats a stunning shot. Our flowers are still not blooming.

  15. me and the tiny 3 says:

    lovely photo, its always a nice sign that spring is coming when the 1st flowers bloom

  16. Leyla Brooke says:

    Beautiful photo

  17. Debbie Johnson says:

    Beautiful colours- there's no hiding Spring.

  18. Mari's World says:

    Beautiful capture, so very pretty and fragile

  19. bettyl says:

    How gorgeous a surprise!

  20. Susanne Remic says:

    I'm always surprised when I see delicate little flowers poking through frozen ground. Beautiful. Xx

  21. TheBoyandMe says:

    Lovely clarity and colours.Thanks for linking up.

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