Ne’er Cast A Clout ‘Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style

Ne’er Cast A Clout ‘Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style. Hello friends, happy Thursday. So how are you today?

Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous over the last few days? Beautiful.

Mollie and I have been getting lots of quality time together in and making every minute of our last few days, weeks or months together.

If you missed why you can find out here: The Hardest Part Of Having A Dog Is; Knowing They Are Dying And There Is Nothing You Can Do To Help Them.

Ne'er Cast A Clout 'Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style

Ne’er Cast A Clout ‘Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style:

“Ne’er cast a clout ’til May be out!” my grandma always told me!!

Oh yes, I was warm, but warm is good. I love being warm and cosy. Maybe just a bit to warm and cosy, ha!! 😍

“Ne’er cast a clout ’til May be out” Clout is from an Old English word for cloth or clothing.

So this saying is a reminder not to be too quick to pack away the winter clothes away just because we have a bit of warmer weather. Just in case the cold weather comes back again.

Ne'er Cast A Clout 'Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style
Ne'er Cast A Clout 'Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style
Mollie The Border Collie In Woods

My husband took me some lovely photos the other day on our walk in the woods with Mollie. Even though it was warm, well red hot for the time of year. I still took my coat with me as I hate being cold!! Even in summer if I am cold my hands go blue so I do not like taking chances! Especially not in spring!!

It is like someone flicked a switch and it is back to being cold again today. I ran in a jogging suit and still could not warm up!!

Ne’er Cast A Clout ‘Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style: What I Wore:

Coat: Tu Clothing | Dress: H&M | Boots: Tu Clothing

So do you have any fun plans for today? I have a day off work. So I have just been on a run with Mollie and now going to make a yummy smoothie. Then I will see my mum later for a walk with her and my new fur-baby brother, Freddie!!

Didn’t realise how long my hair was until yesterday, either. Had a lot cut off at Christmas too. Anyone else got lockdown hair? Got my hair booked in for end of April 😍🥰 Lockdown Hair!

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Ne'er Cast A Clout 'Til May Be Out! Over 40 Style
Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. 6 April 2021 / 23:35

    you always look great. But, can I just say wow! The short hair is so perfect for you. Really gorgeous style to frame your lovely face. Will you be getting it short again? I’m thinking of going shorter on mine. I had a trim recently about 2-3 inches off ( I’m sure you noticed on Instagram, thank you for connecting with me there.) I’m not sure if I can go any shorter. I did cut it chin length. from bum length to chin length was a tough one for me, LOL Hugs

    • 16 April 2021 / 15:44

      Aww, thank you Katherine. I keep wondering how to have it done when I visit the hairdressers in 10 days. I might have to bob cut again now 🙂

  2. 5 April 2021 / 14:57

    Ooh, Claire, I really like this floral dress, too! The colors are so pretty and it works so well with your teddy coat. I never put my cold weather clothing away because the warm weather doesn’t last very long where I live! Thanks for linking!


  3. Patrick Weseman
    4 April 2021 / 02:06

    Looking very stylin there.

  4. 2 April 2021 / 18:17

    I put up my winter clothes and the last two days were cold! I did have to pull out a few sweaters this week

    • 16 April 2021 / 15:41

      It’s been usually cold over the last few weeks. Still not sure where spring has got too! x

  5. 2 April 2021 / 16:03

    I know this saying so well! Totally agree with it too.
    Love the dress and your coat and am feeling sad with you over my little doggie too.
    Give her plenty of cuddles (i’m sure you are anyway) and one from me too.
    I miss my little Roxy so much. xxxxx
    Jacqui x

    • 16 April 2021 / 15:39

      Thanks Jacqui. It is so sad isn’t it. She is is still with us and full of life but the cancer is getting bigger and it upsets me every time I look at her, knowing I can’t help her 🙁

  6. Heather
    1 April 2021 / 15:54

    I like your grandmother’s saying! I keep putting my winter coat away and then needing to get it out again! Wishful thinking on my part!

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