New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review

New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review

New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review. Hello, friends. How are you today? As a busy mum of 4 always on the rush to schools/running or to the gym.

New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review:

 Belvita asked me if we would like to try some of their “delicious new breakfast biscuits”. Who yes please!!

The Belvita biscuits are designed for breakfast. They are great for people who lead busy lifestyles and are rushed in the mornings.

The crunchy biscuits slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours to help you keep going all morning .

About Belvita Breakfast Range:

Belvita have just added three more new flavours to their range. Muesli, Forest Fruits and Honey & Live yogurt Crunch.

The Belvita biscuits are specially designed for breakfast.

It is recommend that they are to be enjoyed with a piece of fruit. Also, a serving of dairy like a plain yogurt and something to drink. Such as a cup of tea for hydration.

The rest of the Belvita breakfast range includes Milk And Cereals,Fruit And Fibre,Honey and Nuts,Crunchy Oats and Yogurt Crunch variants.

What we though of the biscuits:

We got sent a breakfast pack to try. Which contained 4 Belvita Honey and Live Yogurt a fruit pot and a coffee to see what we thought of them.

I was the first to try some. (no surprise here). As I love my biscuits. I thought they tasted nice and sweet you can really taste the yogurt filling as the flavour really stands out.

They are the sort of biscuit I would really go for. Next up was my to older sons they both really like the taste of them.

New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review Overall Thought:

I love the taste of the Honey And live Yogurt. So, I will be on the look out for them when I go shopping.

Also, I think one or two of these before a morning run would be great.

Belvita Breakfast Honey and Live Yogurt crunch comes in a 253g box. Containing five individually wrapped servings of 2 biscuits (RRP £2.49) 

New Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review

About this review: The pictured above breakfast pack was sent to me to try from the PR. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts on this product are my own  honest opinions.

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  1. Brenda
    27 February 2012 / 18:54

    We do have them in the US! I have been seeing a lot of commercials about them lately, even the Jersey Shore crew were in a commercial!

    • Clairejustine
      27 February 2012 / 20:22

      whoo thanks Brenda 🙂

  2. StarTraci
    27 February 2012 / 16:18

    Yum! I wish we had those in the U.S. Have a great week.:-)Traci

    • Clairejustine
      27 February 2012 / 20:20

      Hi Traci thanks for the comment 🙂