New Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger

New Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review.

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New Fox's Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review

I am a big biscuit fan.

As you may have guessed reading my blog?

When Fox’s asked me if I would like to try and review their new Fox’s Moo Malted Milk cream fingers bars.

What could I say?

New Fox's Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review

New Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review:

Fox’s is known for it’s high quality biscuits and have a large selection, from chocolate biscuits such as Rocky bars to the traditional biscuits barrel such as Nice biscuits.

I am struggling to think of any of their biscuits I have not tried, some perhaps a little too often!!

I love the taste of all the Fox’s Biscuits range, my favourite ones being Golden Crunch Creams and Chocolate Crunch creams I can easily open and eat half a pack or more of these without even thinking!!

Fox’s seem to have been expanding their range a lot in the past twelve months, certainly when we have been doing the weekly shop they seem to have more shelf space than ever before.

This does seem like something fresh and exciting in the biscuit world, perhaps because of the competition of the cereal bar they have stepped up their game.

This can only be a good thing for us the consumer.

These biscuits are 2 great tasting malted milk biscuits sandwiched together with a creamy vanilla filling individually wrapped.

The good thing about this is that you don’t end up eating too many and at 89 calories per bar it makes a nice little treat for elevenses.

I think these malted milk fingers are great not too dry with a melt in the mouth creamy taste.

They are a nice little treat at any time of day. My youngest two children have enjoyed having them as lunch box treats, as their school has a ban on chocolate treats, these fit the bill perfectly.

Sometimes biscuits in lunchboxes in the past have broken or have made a mess in the lunchbox, because these are more like your cereal type bar in the wrapping, they stay fresher and feel like more of a goody for the children.

They would give them a delicious thumbs up. Personally I would still go for the Crunch Creams, however I would definitely say these are worth trying at least once or twice. Recommended.

New Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review:

Each Biscuit Contains:

New Fox's Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review

89 Calories
4.6g Sugar
4.6g Fat
2.5g Saturates
0.14g Salt

Fox’s Moo Malted Milk Cream Finger Bars are available now and retail at RRP OF £1.29

About FOX’S Biscuits:

From humble beginnings as a small Victorian bakery in northern England over 150 year ago, Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands.

Known for its unique blend of quality and quirkiness, Fox’s offers 20 ranges of great tasting biscuit products across all sub-categories of the biscuit market, including Everyday Treats, Grown Up Indulgence and Kids.

Leading Fox’s products include the much-loved Crunch Creams, luxurious Melts and iconic Party Rings. Fox’s is also the proud owner of the chocolate biscuit bar, Rocky.

To learn more about Fox’s Biscuits go to Foxs-biscuits.

About this post ~ We were sent 2 packs for a honest review of what we thought of these biscuits and was not paid for this post.

New Fox's Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Biscuit Review

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