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New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review)

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review). I am very happy to be sharing this review today brought to you by Rocks Drinks.

We have become big fans of Rock Drinks this year often buying their traditional range of Orange and Blackcurrant squash.

Over the last few years, we have been more aware of what goes into our food and drinks, with squash being a particular problem.

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review):

The countries leading brand of squash contains Sodium Citrate, Aspartame, Saccharin, Potassium Sorbate, and Sodium Metabisulphite. When you look up these ingredients on independent websites I am concerned what they may be doing to my children long term.

So started investigating alternatives, this is when I discovered Rocks squash.  It is slightly more expensive than the leading brand, however, my children’s health is worth it.

When scanning the shelves in our local supermarket and examining the ingredients in all the squash available Rocks was the only one with none of the rubbish included.

Their new range is actual juice drinks, whereas the ones we have had before are best diluted.

So interesting to taste the difference.

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review)

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review):

What Rocks Say About There New Frusion Drinks:

Drink To A New Year And New You. Partying, drinking and over-eating at Christmas can take their toll on your body and make for a less than healthy start to a new year, but with new Frusion drinks at hand, you can start your way back to peak health in no time.

New Frusions, by Rocks Drinks, are organic fruit and vegetable drinks that come in four delicious flavours:

All can be enjoyed as part of a healthy new eating and drinking regime to counterbalance the festive feast and re-boot your body for the New Year.

Rocks Drinks nutritionist, Ceri Morgan, says:

Apple & Ginger Frusion:

Sweet carrots are combined with zesty oranges in new Carrot & Orange Frusion:

The unique blend of Beetroot & Blackcurrant Frusion:

Gloriously ripe tomatoes are blended with cherries in new Tomato & Cherry Frusion:

What we think about the Rock new frusion range:

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review). I really like the Carrot and Orange one. On first taste you notice the orange, then a slight veggy kick of the Carrot. Nice and tangy, thicker than their dilute drinks with a more potent kick. The kids found it quite strong at first. We did dilute it slightly for them, they enjoyed it more.

My hubby loved the Tomato and Cherry. Again the fruit you notice first then the thicker richer veg takes centre stage. Or is it two fruits in Tomatoes case? I’m never sure if it is a fruit or veg!!

The daddy though is the Beetroot and Blackcurrant wow what can I say. Cheeky Blackcurrant flavour and a rich beetroot taste. I used to drink Beetroot juice from the jar!! during my 2nd pregnancy. This brought the memories flooding back.. Luckily in a good way!! This was the winner in our household. All family members give it a thumbs up.

We have yet to try the Ginger and Apple so not sure on this one, will update in the future when tasted.

Overall then an interesting new range, the kids will probably stick to the dilute Rocks, with the exception of the Beetroot drink. Myself and Hubby will definitely buy more from the range, anything that gives you some of your five a day both fruit and veg, without eating sprouts is OK with me!!

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review) About The Drinks:

About This Post-

New Frusion By Rocks Drinks (Review). I got sent 4 bottles of Rocks for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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