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New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review.

Post contains PR sample.

With Halloween not far away my kids love anything and everything Hallo-weeny so when we were asked if we would like to try the new limited edition Honey Monster Spooky Puffs.

The kids were really looking forward to them arriving.

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review

“’It’s all about the honey, Mummy.’

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review:

This is the second year running for this limited edition cereal to arrive on the shelves.

Just in time for trick or treating.

Last year the Halloween limited edition contained gruesome fruit flavoured ghost shapes this year they have a Toffee Apple Flavoured Syrup glaze.

Honey Monster Sugar puffs are a brand we normally buy in our house so the children were excited to see a variation of this classic on the breakfast table.

A new cereal always gets everyone talking in a morning, with a couple of surly teenagers that’s no easy feat. 

All six of my family tried a bowl and with 2nd and 3rd helpings we soon devoured the box.

Opinion ranged from “brilliant” to “tasty” with only my husband who is notoriously hard to please saying he preferred the original.

No surprise there.

 I do limit my younger children to a few bowls a week, of sugary cereal and will probably do the same when I stock up on these, although I notice the sugar is lower in these than some of the other cereal out there.

Having said that with four 4 children and a hungry husband in the house that always means a empty box come shopping day. 

My eldest son who runs for Nottinghamshire swears by the ordinary Sugar Puffs for a pre-race boost of energy, without over filling him.

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review:

Good Things About The Spooky Puffs:

Contain no artificial flavours,colours or preservatives.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Source of fibre.

Low in fat.

Taste yummy.

Shame they are Limited edition may well end up stocking up on them, keeping them just for me!

Bad Things About The Spooky Puffs:

Don’t last long enough.

9.9g of sugar in a bowl is quite high, so if the children have this cereal then I would not give them any treats the rest of the day, and ensure they do plenty of exercise.

A 30g Serving without milk contains:
116 calories.
9.9g sugar
0.9g fat.
0.2g Saturates
trace salt

We all love the taste of these Spooky Puff my youngest son described the as taste like sugar puff but Halloween taste !?!

I think this must be the toffee apple flavourings.

I think there a good weekend treat for breakfast when the kids can run around and burn the energy off.

We give the 4 out of 5

New Limited Edition Monster Spooky Puffs Review

About This Post:

We were sent a free box of Spooky Puffs in exchange for an honest review and I was not paid for this post.

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  1. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    halloween and children always a fabulous combination

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