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New Template And Buttons…

This week I’ve been busy busy, installing {well the hubby installed!} my new blog template, changing things around and making brand new buttons. I love my new template from Pipdig, I simply paid for my template, downloaded it and then hubby installed it for me. Just had a little hiccup at first in which I sent them an email and they emailed me straight back and fixed it for me in around 5 minutes.

Great service…

I then made some new pictures with the help of a Chrome app Pixlr and Pic Monkey { my 2 favourite editing sites}.

After that I found a great tutorial over at Code It Pretty on how to make some new buttons. Hope you like the new designs? All blog buttons new and old can be found on my blog hop button page.

Grab button for clairejustine

<div class=”clairejustine” >
<a href=”https://www.clairejustineoxox.com” rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yajMg0VsJSo/VMf2sTKMYhI/AAAAAAAA1xo/RPy0nIZisG8/s1600/cl.jpg” alt=”clairejustine” />

Grab button for creativemondays

<div class=”clairejustine” >
<a href=”https://www.clairejustineoxox.com/search/label/Creative%20Mondays” rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Yl5M_IeDhfA/VMTDiTogPBI/AAAAAAAA1wI/7bdzFzqWeH4/s1600/cl5.jpg” alt=”clairejustine” />

Grab button for creativemondays

<div class=”clairejustine” >
<a href=”https://www.clairejustineoxox.com/search/label/Creative%20Mondays” rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XyOZZWd9w5A/VMf2VWetrNI/AAAAAAAA1xg/7h50t-NJWFg/s1600/cm10.jpg” alt=”clairejustine” />

Grab button for clairejustine

<div class=”clairejustine” >
<a href=”https://www.clairejustineoxox.com/search/label/Wordless%20Wednesday” rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BAET33iw4Qo/VMTESHYFrQI/AAAAAAAA1wU/po8clbzj5_M/s1600/cl6.jpg” alt=”clairejustine” />

Grab button for clairejustine

<div class=”clairejustine” >
<a href=”https://www.clairejustineoxox.com/search/label/Welcome%20To%20The%20Weekend” rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QD0cr1SfxeI/VMTElOSsZVI/AAAAAAAA1wg/1XNIgUZL2rY/s1600/cl7.jpg” alt=”clairejustine” />

No more changing layouts week after week now, this ones a keeper…

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11 responses to “New Template And Buttons…”

  1. Natalie Ray says:

    Your blog is super pretty! Just to let you know though, I can't see some of the pictures in your post. It may be my computer but haven't had any problems on other blogs, might be worth checking with other people to see if they're working.x

  2. Kezzie says:

    Nice template!!!! It's really pretty! I love what you've done with it. x

  3. Danielle M says:

    Your new layout is awesome! Love the colors and simple header/sidebar!

  4. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas says:

    Looks awesome! It's pretty and professional looking too!

  5. Mum in a Nutshell says:

    I love the new style! I've just redone mine, it's so rewarding once you get over the teething problems, is it.

  6. Margarett Murphy says:

    Love it.

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