Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore

Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore.

I see lots of people are getting ready for back to school but we still have 2 weeks of fun left here before my children go back to school.

Busy, busy with lots more days out and nights away planned. 

Not to mention my last minute rush in getting all school uniforms brought!!

Where would the fun be if I got it all early and not pulling my hair out every year as it is sold out!?! 

I think lazy days though.

My children would let me rest and sleep in but Mollie my puppy does not let me rest for a minute.

She always wants to go walking or someone to play ball with. 

She is adorable though, so I don’t mind getting up early. 

She love to come everywhere with us. Days out one the train, walk to the shops.

A few weeks ago we stayed with my Mum and Dad in their caravan and she came too.

We took her everywhere, all day then eventually sneaked out for dinner when she was resting. 

At the minute I can only wear my cheap or old clothes around her.

So far this week she has ripped 3 of my favourite maxi dresses.

Hides shoes too, oh yes she loves biting them !!

She gets so excited and wants to play all the time. So when you have things to do she pulls at your clothes for attention. If you kick her ball, she is ok.

I was up a ladder painting a few days ago, trying to finish my shed off.

She snook up and grabbed my dress, pulled it hard and split it just under my bum!!

Puppy’s eh! 

Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore
Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore
Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore

Our dinner we got to sneak out for was delicious!!

Not So Lazy Summer: What I Wore

What I Wore:

Dress: Primark 

Ballet cardigan: Kookai

Sandals: Primark

I am hoping that is my 3 up and no more dresses getting ripped.

Wearing my jeans today.

I am wondering how long it takes for a puppy to grow out of this!?!

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  1. Nicole Mölders
    23 August 2015 / 18:50

    Thanks 4 linking up to Top of the World Style

  2. Margarett Murphy
    23 August 2015 / 17:14

    Lovely oufit

  3. Alice Warren
    23 August 2015 / 03:42

    Enjoy the last weeks of summer with your daughter. My son attends a year round school and has been in school for almost a month. Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.

  4. More 4 Mums
    21 August 2015 / 18:29

    What a gorgeous puppy – hope she settles down soon. Cute dress too !

  5. Sherry Macdonald
    21 August 2015 / 10:15

    Cute dress. My daughter is grown and sometimes I miss all that back to school stuff.

  6. Erika
    21 August 2015 / 07:49

    I love the print on your dress! Lovely! I know the pulling of the hair you are talking about all to well :)) This is the first year that I got all the school shopping done, labels ironed and lunch bag sorted two weeks before school starts. Very proud of my self :))

  7. Kezzie
    20 August 2015 / 20:13

    That's a lovely dress, reminds me of Willow pattern china. Hope the adorable chewer doesn't strike again!x

  8. Tamar SB
    20 August 2015 / 13:11

    You look lovely, as always!

  9. Doused In Pink
    20 August 2015 / 11:56

    Your dress is so pretty! Love the print! Puppies are so fun! Hope you get through the chewing stage soon!JillDoused In Pink

  10. Margarett Murphy
    20 August 2015 / 11:03

    Lovely dress. Sounds like fun

    • Clairejustine oxox
      25 August 2015 / 20:10

      Thank you 🙂