NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is ‘New York’. Have you ever been or are dreaming about going? Happy Thursday, friends. So how are you today?

New York City, often referred to as NYC or simply New York, is one of the most iconic and populous cities in the United States. Located in the state of New York, it is situated on the northeastern coast of the country and is known for its global influence in various fields, including finance, media, art, fashion, technology, and entertainment.

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is 'New York'

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is ‘New York’:

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is ‘New York’. Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today I want to be a part of it: New York, New York These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray Right through the very heart of it: New York, New York- Frank Sinatra.

One place I have always dreamt of going to is ‘New York’. All the best films are set in NY, don’t ya think!?! How amazing would it be to go!?! Shopping, site-seeing and amazing food. Man v Food style meals. Not that I could eat to much but I would take a look at the sweet challenges. Diners, huge pancakes and shopping for Jimmy Choo shoes!! Dream, dream, dream. Zzzzzzzzzz…

Nearest thing I will get to NYC at the minute is with this Primark T-shirt!! Haha. My Husband always tells me ‘he will take me one day’. Maybe one year when the children are older!? I may train up for the New York Marathon!? 2 things at once to tick off the bucket list. Back to earth with a bang and reality.

All the exercise I have been doing over the last few week have finally caught up with me.  So a nice easy week for me and back on it Monday. Just before the children break up for summer on Wednesday…

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is ‘New York’: What I Wore:

What I Wore: T-shirt~ Primark || Scarf necklace~ c/o BHS || Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch || Shoes~ Longsdale

Have you ever visited New York, New York? If so, is it as magical as I dream it is? Where are your dream places to visit?

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Firstly, Back From New York. “Happiness is…. holding tickets that say New York!”- Unknown. We have just got back from an amazing 4 nights and 5 days in New York! So many great photos to go through now!  Back From New York.

Secondly, Queen Of Hearts Jam Tarts: Valentine’s Day Special. Can you also remember the nursery rhyme? “The Queen of Hearts”, where the Queen Of Hearts is said to have ordered the making of some tarts. However, in the poem, it is suggested that the tarts were stolen, not by the Queen, but by the Knave of Hearts.

The opening lines of the poem go: The Queen of Hearts, She made some tarts, All on a summer’s day; The Knave of hearts, He stole those tarts, And took them clean. So, while the Queen is associated with the making of the tarts in the rhyme, it is the Knave who is responsible for the theft. How dare he!? Queen Of Hearts Jam Tarts: Valentine’s Day Special. So yummy.

Thirdly, How To Shine In Your Black Star Dress. How To Shine In Your Black Star Dress. I love these photos taken in Central Park, New York a few weeks ago. How beautiful was the day too? I can New York will be in full bloom now and it will look amazing. Looking to shine in your black star dress too? If so, follow these tips and tricks to ensure you stand out from the crowd. From accessorising hair and makeup, I’ve got you covered. How To Shine In Your Black Star Dress.

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Fourthly, Lemon Dress: Over 40 Style Creative Mondays. Did you know today is also I Forgot Day? I am getting terrible at forgetting things lately. Then rushing around last minute to do whatever it was I forgot to do. What I Wore: Dress: Amazon || Handbag: c/o Marisota || Sandals: c/o Bonmarche Lemon Dress: Over 40 Style.

Fifth, I’m Late, I’m Late. For a very important date! No time to say “Hello, Good Bye” I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! I’m Late, I’m Late. So much fun.

Sixth, Cream Knitted Jumper Dress. A fun day in London and we even met my son and his girlfriend who are having a few days away. We met them at Winter Wonderland. Still full up from that sausage I had this morning!! (scroll to see!) So tired now on the train home, I am so ready for a little nap.  Winter Wonderland In London. Cream Knitted Jumper Dress. So nice.

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is 'New York'

NYC: I Have Always Dreamt Of Visiting Is ‘New York’. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

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  1. Joanna Pabel
    19 July 2014 / 13:46

    great outfit!

  2. pixiedusk
    18 July 2014 / 21:20

    My dream to go there too! Just to see the amazing buildings and the mix of cultures! Nice outfit and congrats to your Tots100 score too!

  3. 18 July 2014 / 13:27

    Love your American Girl style. I so want to go to New York too, just for a Carrie Bradshaw experience for a few days!#WTTWBH

  4. SarahMummy
    18 July 2014 / 09:03

    I must say New York is somewhere I'd love to go too, but somehow I doubt I ever will. Your Tshirt is very cool though 🙂

  5. Julie Corbisiero
    17 July 2014 / 14:43

    Hi Claire I love the t-shirt and I love NYC! Enjoy your day.

    • 17 July 2014 / 20:51

      Hi Julie, I thought of you when writing this post, as you live here,haha :):):)

  6. mum in meltdown
    17 July 2014 / 13:44

    I have actually been there a few times as my brother lives on Long Island. It is everything you say- there are amazing things to see and do and everything is so fast and accessible in the city- you would love it! 🙂

    • 17 July 2014 / 20:48

      Oh wow, how lucky, i would totally love it here 🙂

  7. Tamar SB
    17 July 2014 / 13:29

    It's so funny, having grown up a few hours from NYC as a kid and going there all the time for visits with family or fun and then my mom and I moving 30 minutes from there in high school, I have never seen the magic but I still love the city!

  8. En4tainment
    17 July 2014 / 09:24

    Loving the outfit x

  9. Kezzie
    17 July 2014 / 07:35

    Cute! I'd like to go to nyc too but I'd love to visit many more places which currently escape my mind! X

    • 17 July 2014 / 20:46

      Thanks Kezzie, I want to go everywhere nice and walk too, with a beach and a swimming pool 😉 x

  10. Kari S
    17 July 2014 / 06:58

    Please don't be mad at me for saying this, but girl you're hot. I love your style and I love that your still pushing the envelope but it's working so don't stop!