Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop

Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop

Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop. Hello and welcome to Creative Mondays blog hop.

Hosted by Clairejustineoxox and Judyh-jsThoughts where you can link up all your creative post each week.

What have you all been up to this week?

Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop:

This week I’ve been trying to get creative with old jeans.

Having a clear out old it seems a shame to let them go especially as I don’t have any jean skirts at the minute.

Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop
Creative Mondays Blog Hop
Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop
Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop
 Mondays Blog Hop
Old Jeans New Skirt: Creative Mondays Blog Hop

 Not bad for my first attempt, my mum will be laughing as she has made me loads of different jean skirts over the year.

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. Ambreen (Simply Sweet 'n Savory)
    2 October 2012 / 13:27

    That's a fantastic idea, great job! Pinning this!

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:23

      Whoo thank you 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    1 October 2012 / 18:38

    wow ….impressed !!! mum xxx

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:23

      Ha thanks Mum 🙂

  3. Sarah Hulbert Style
    1 October 2012 / 18:17

    Claire Justine! Can I import you to do some sewing for me? That skirt is so cute!!! I have made many attempts at sewing projects previously, but they never quite turn out how I imagine them. Maybe I'll just stick to styling outfits for now! 😉 ~Sarah

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:23

      Thanks Sarah,I have been trying to finish something off for years so I am pleased I manage to fininsh this one 🙂

  4. Winnie
    1 October 2012 / 17:50

    You made a lovely skirt Claire!:) Very creative of you. I actually have lots of jeans-skirt (as I don't wear pants) so I like this one :)Thanks for another party and have a wonderful week

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:19

      Arr thanks Winnie 🙂

  5. Katherines Corner
    1 October 2012 / 14:52

    A cute way to recycle jeans. thank you for sharing. Hoping your week is a sweet one. Hopping over from creative Monday Hugs

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:18

      Thanks for joining us 🙂

  6. Good Girl Gone Green
    1 October 2012 / 12:30

    I love this idea!!!! 🙂

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:18

      Thank you 🙂

  7. MOIxx
    1 October 2012 / 09:19

    That looks great. I love denim skirts, smart casual and no need to iron 🙂

    • Clairejustine
      3 October 2012 / 20:10

      Thanks for the comment,ohh so true 🙂

  8. Annie
    1 October 2012 / 09:15

    Great job! Yellow lace at the bottom makes it so cute. Thank you for the party!

    • Clairejustine
      1 October 2012 / 21:55

      Thanks Annie 🙂

  9. M.S.
    1 October 2012 / 07:52

    Brilliant. What a great skirt. Looks amazing:)

    • Clairejustine
      1 October 2012 / 20:48

      Thanks 🙂

  10. Shahnaz AKA (Janglitz)
    1 October 2012 / 07:48

    Love the skirt amazing what you can do…I'm following your fab blog now and have added my link and look forward to joining in the next creative linky…

    • Clairejustine
      1 October 2012 / 20:47

      Thanks for joining us 🙂

  11. Mary Sullivan Frasier
    1 October 2012 / 07:47

    Hi Clairejustine! How've you been? The skirt is adorable! I love the pleats at the bottom and that you used the two different colors of lace. I could totally see it in a trendy little boutique in the high street. Thanks for hosting today and have a great week. ~Mary (I take a bit of a break from the party circuit over the summer and voila! while I've been gone everyone's given their blogs a new look. lol Looks wonderful!)

    • Clairejustine
      1 October 2012 / 20:32

      Thanks for the lovely comment Mary,I was thinking of you the other day when I saw you on my linky follower box,thanks for joining us 🙂

  12. Melting Moments Blog
    30 September 2012 / 22:19

    That looks fab! You're so clever!

    • Clairejustine
      1 October 2012 / 20:30

      Arr thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

  13. Judy Haughton-James
    30 September 2012 / 21:35

    This certainly looks lovely Clairejustine! You did a wonderful job! I am happy to be co-hosting again. Have a good Monday.

    • 1 October 2012 / 13:36

      Thanks Judy 🙂 hope you have a lovely week …