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One Fine Day…


31 responses to “One Fine Day…”

  1. Bruce Clark says:

    Nice photo and made all the better my the Sepia layer you added.

  2. βŠ±β†«PreciousKDβ†¬βŠ° says:

    Beautiful in sepia and the details are awesome!

  3. Becky says:

    This is beautiful! Nature always looks the most beautiful when you can see it up close like this.–Becky

  4. rainfield61 says:

    one fine day. one big fly.

  5. Kay says:

    Oh, I do like this one! It's a great shot and I love the effects!

  6. Giancarlo says:

    Felice giornata a te…ciao

  7. FromFun ToMum says:

    Wow! what a stunning shot!

  8. Deb Crecelius says:

    Scary close capture of a bee.My name, Deborah, means "bee", but I don't like to be close to them.Like the sepia.

  9. ClaireEJ says:

    Love this, it's nice to see an image of a bee in sepia for a change, instead of bright. X πŸ™‚

  10. fun-as-a-gran says:

    may need to start playing with sepia, looks good.

  11. Coombe Mill says:

    Great shot, the sepia effect looks amazing!

  12. soosieboo says:

    WOuld make a great screensaver.

  13. Helen says:

    Love how you caught the details on the wings. Great shot!

  14. Domestic Goddesque says:

    Every week you teach me things πŸ˜€

  15. Madge Bloom says:

    LOVE the details you caught and the vintage feel… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #39!

  16. Mummy Vs Work says:

    Wow amazing capture!

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