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Orange And Lemons: How Adorable is This Dress!?

Orange And Lemons: How Adorable is This Dress!? Hello friends. Do you love this orange dress as much as I do!?

Orange And Lemons: How Adorable is This Dress!?

I love everything about this dress from the style to the print to the colours in it.


Dress ~ Primark ~ few years ago

Cardigan ~ Primark

Tights ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Tesco

Orange And Lemons: How Adorable is This Dress!?

Yeah Spring has eventually arrived!!

The sun has been shining over the last few days and it has been lovely, a bit lot windy but it has been so nice to see the sunshine and blue skies.

3 days to go till London marathon that I’ve been training up for and I am a bag of nerves!!

 I have done all the training for London so all I have to worry about now getting around the 26.2 miles and crowds of runners.

I hear story’s of people cheering your name ( got to get my name on my shirt yet ) and children holding sweets out for you, how sweet is this? giving me sweets is like feeding a donkey strawberries!!

So far I have raised £65-00 for The British Heart foundation, not as much as some but better than nothing…

If anyone would like to sponsor me here is a link to my Just giving page 🙂

I’m hoping the weather for Sunday is going to be just right, fingers crossed…

28 comments so far.

28 responses to “Orange And Lemons: How Adorable is This Dress!?”

  1. Mandy A says:

    thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)HongKongChic

  2. Alice Barton says:

    that's such an adorable dress! love it! xxAlice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  3. Rachel says:

    I thought those were flowers, not lemons, until I read your title! That's a unique print! We've had sunshine the last two days here and it's been glorious. But now we're back to thunderstorms.

  4. Lena B, Actually says:

    Super fun dress!!! Love it!Visiting from the Dress For The Day linkup!

  5. Abby says:

    is your marathon this weekend? i'm running my first next weekend – the 27th! i'll be cheering for you from the US!

  6. Sharon S says:

    Hi there-thats a lovely dress, good luck for the marathon too xx

  7. Vix says:

    Wishing you loads of luck for Sunday! That dress is gorgeous on you! xxx

  8. Judy Haughton-James says:

    What a beautiful dress Claire! Fits you nicely and the tights and dress go well with it. I am already cheering for you over here!"Go Claire! Go Claire!":) Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

  9. Mama Syder says:

    I soooo love that dress! Good Luck for Sunday! x

  10. SarahMummy says:

    Huge good luck for Sunday! Will be thinking of you. Hope someone gives you some sweets! x

  11. Tiff Ima says:

    Cute dress!Tiff ImaStyle Honestly

  12. mail4rosey says:

    That's an awesome dress, and you've paired it up just right w/the cardigan and tights. This is a great look! Happy weekend to you. 🙂

  13. Jeremy Norton says:

    Very lovely dress. Love is bold design.

  14. Ofelia says:

    Loving this fruits dress and its great that Spring has finally arrived!I give you so much credit on running a marathon for charity while keeping a family and a blog!

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