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Hello and welcome to my, All about me page. Can you believe my blog is nearly 6 years old?

My babies were small when I first started blogging now all but 1 are taller than me. I have loved every minute of writing my blog and I hope to enjoy the next 5 years just a much.

2017 is going to be pack full of fashion, food fitness and family posts. I hope you will stop by and have a read?

I'm a 44-year-oldd married mum of 4 fab kids who Love's to run and if I work hard enough maybe one day I will be good at it!?!

2015 was a great year for me and my blog. The highlight for me was going to Marisota's head office in Manchester for the day to take part in a photo shoot. I was so nervous as I had never done anything like this before but I loved every minute of it...

My 4 children. This picture is a few years old now. It is so much hard work getting a picture of everyone together nowadays....

 It was so excited to have been featured in April 2013 edition of Red Magazine.


  1. Really enjoyed reading about your life and projects. Very nice photos, and especially like the shot of you running down a hill with the photo of you in the background.

  2. Hello Justine! I came across your blog and thought it would be perfect for a promotion we are running in connection with Halloween. We are giving away a selection of cosmetic contact lenses to bloggers so that you can have a play around with them, perhaps try them with different outfits and review them on your blog.

    The lenses are simple non-prescription coloured contacts and opaque, for a bit of fun and to get the word out there how they go with different outfits.

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in, your preference (if any), address details and I will get the selection sent out to you. Kind regards, Kristina

    1. Thank you for your kind offer,sorry I have only just found this comment ...

  3. I admire how lovely you dress, bake - especially with four children. I aspire to one day get my life back once my children are older, tell me it happens?

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  5. Hi there!

    I've been following for a while, it's great to come across someone with alot of the same interests as me :-) I'm also a Mum of 4...tough isn't it :-) xx

    1. Hi Linz, thanks for the comment, great to have the same interests, woo 4 is hard and great all rolled into one oh yes and tough hehe :)

  6. Thank you so much for linking up last time. I'm doing another link up tomorrow. Don't forget to come by and link up. I'm also hosting a stella & dot giveaway. Come by and enter.



  7. I am a bit behind but well done on being in Red magazine.

  8. This is the best 'About Me' page I've ever seen! :) Ax

  9. So nice to meet you!
    I just came across your blog! I am now following!
    I look forward to keeping up and getting to know you better!


  10. Hi Claire! Thanks so much for sharing :) I totally enjoyed reading this page!
    And please come back next - Floral Love will be up & running! :)

  11. So good to meet you Claire. I'm visiting by way of Mona's Linky Party, About Me & About You. It was a pleasure to see the lovely pictures of your family and you so happy and vibrant. I run, too! Actually, I'm 54 and I run 3 minutes/walk 1 minute over and over again. I will be running with a friend who is 61 this Month for a 10K. We have fun and don't worry too much about how long it takes us - just so we finish! Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures and seeing more of your photos, too.

  12. I love reading your Blog Claire :), you have such a creative flare.. and i really like your most recent Layout Popping over from: #PoCoLo

  13. Been reading and joining your linky and yet this is the post that made me know you more! #pocolo

  14. Love your photographs, really stunning. Can't believe you are old enough to have children so grown up!? What's your secret??? Xx

  15. Hello!

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  16. Hi Claire Justine! It's my first time stopping by and I'm glad I did. I'm adding your weekend linkup to my list of linkups for my Friday post. Also I see you live in the UK. That's pretty cool. I'm an American but just found out I have a teaching job in Spain next year. So I'll soon be blogging from Europe too!


    ps. you do NOT look 42

  17. Found your blog on Wordless Wednesday. I started blogging when my babes were small and then life just seemed to get in the way.
    Hope to get back into it!

  18. Hi,
    I Found your blog on Visible Monday and discovered we are both northern ladies.
    I'm hoping to join in the fun with your link ups as I've seen a few familiar faces.
    Well done on all you've achieved with your blog it's super
    Lynn x


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