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Pressure King Pro Recipes: Chilli Con Carne

Pressure King Pro Recipe: Chilli Con Carne. Hello and happy Saturday. Are you busy this weekend or having a nice relaxing one? It was my Birthday a few days ago so I have been off out to spend my birthday money today 🙂 Why is it when you have no spare money you want to buy lots of things, then when you do have some,…

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Succulent Chicken Satay Skewers: BBQ Ideas

Succulent Chicken Satay Skewers: BBQ Ideas. Fancy giving these Succulent Chicken Satay Skewers a try? A little Lyle’s Black Treacle gives that signature depth of flavour to this simple chicken satay dish. Yum! How To Make Succulent Chicken Satay Skewers: Preparation: 10 mins, plus 2-3 hours to marinate Cooking: 15 mins Serves 4 Ingredients: For The Chicken Satay Skewers: 2 tbsp Lyle’s Black Treacle 100g crunchy…

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Pressure King Pro Rice Pudding Recipe

Pressure King Pro Rice Pudding Recipe. How yummy? Hello and happy Friday. Yummy rice pudding made in a Pressure King Pro. Nearly the weekend, I can almost grab it with both hands. Are you looking for a nice treat recipe to cook in a Pressure King Pro? Do you fancy trying this rice pudding recipe to making up in a Pressure King Pro? How To Make…

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Spring Has Arrived Again : Weekend Blog Hop…

Hello, everyone. Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the weekend blog hop. Happy you are here and hope you have fun hopping around and finding new blogs to read, follow and comment on. How is your week going? Full of pretty colours too? I am so excited! Spring has arrived again and it is beautiful out there.…

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