PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes

PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes. Hello friends. This week we were pleased to be sent some snacks to review from PENN STATE.

Post Contains PR Samples.

My children loves nibbles and we often buy the mix variety party packs with pretzels inside. (They always disappear first)!!

Or just the plain (shops own brand) pretzels!!

We were interested to find out what the flavoured Penn State wheat and potato pretzel knots tasted like. Always up for a challenge!!

PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes

PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes:

I got sent 3 packs of the classic American snacks to try. 2 limited edition Maple Bacon and a pack of Sour Cream and Chive. Yum!!

Maple Bacon Pretzels Limited Edition:

Each 30g serving contains-

128 Calories
1.7g Sugar
3.0g Fat
0.2g Saturates
0.3g Salt

Sour Cream And Chive Pretzels:

Each 30g serving contains-

133 Calories
1.1g Sugar
3.9g Fat
0.4g Saturates
0.5g Salt

We also got a few recipe ideas sent along with the pretzels to try out-

Dip in chocolate.

Dip half in icing sugar.

Stack and stick with icing sugar until you form a centre piece.

Crush and use as a dipping for chocolate covered marshmallows.

Crush and put in sprouts to add texture.

Use within the base of a savoury cheese cake.

Put in a flavour box to give guest as they arrive- Cheep and cheerful.

PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes

PENN STATE Pretzels Review And How To Make Recipes:

Anything that involves melted chocolate gets my attention straight away!!

So I decided to make the children some for when they got home from school-

You Will Need:

Maple Bacon pretzels

Milk chocolate melting chocolate

White melting chocolate

Rainbow sprinkles


1.) In a heatproof bowl melt some milk cooking chocolate.

2.) Remove from the heat and place some pretzels into the bowl and cover them in chocolate.

3.) Grab the pretzels and dip into a bowl of sprinkles.

4.) Repeat until all chocolate has been used.

5.) Leave to set on some grease proof paper.

6.) Repeat the first steps again with the white cooking chocolate.

They taste great warm as well as set. The savoury of the bacon and the sweet with the chocolate goes great together.

What I thought of the Penn State Pretzels:

I opened a pack of the maple bacon pretzels when my little ones were at school,wrong thing to do as these are so moreish, after I turned my back my oldest son said “woo what are these” and started to munch away too. 

They taste delicious with a nice strong taste of bacon and a slight taste of maple these pretzel taste lovely,fresh and crunchy.

With the rest of the pack I quickly covered some in chocolate to try some sweet Pretzels with my other 3 children when they arrived home from school.

Now they have finished school for the holidays I’m sure we will have fun trying out some of the other recipes.

We opened the sour cream cheese to have with our sandwiches last night at tea time, same as the maple bacon, taste lovely, fresh and crunchy and we all loved the flavour.

Both flavours taste great and all 6 of us loved both packs the pretzels, which is rare in our house to all give a product the thumbs up.

 Priced at around £1-49 for a 175g big sharing bag of pretzels the delicious baked pretzel knots get a-

 5/5 from all of us for taste,quality and value.

About this review- I was sent 3 pack of pretzels to try out for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts on the snacks are my own honest option.

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  1. Michelle G
    24 December 2012 / 01:42

    Yum! Maple Bacon pretzels!

    • Claire Justine
      24 December 2012 / 22:11

      Thanks for the comment Michelle 🙂

  2. kendra kay
    23 December 2012 / 23:25

    maple bacon pretzels with chocolate?? heck yeah!!!!

    • Claire Justine
      24 December 2012 / 22:10

      Ha thanks 🙂