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Pet Shop UK : Puppy Food Review…

On Friday Mollie got sent a lovely present from a Online Pet Food website call Pet shop.

You may have heard of them before as they have also changed their name from PetShopBowl to ?

Mollie always gets excited when someone knocks at the door. I am sure the delivery men always remember coming here, with all the barking she does!! She always tries to help me open parcels, this time I think she could tell the parcel was for her?

Inside the packaging she got some Huntland 100% natural and grain-free food, a packet of Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Chew (which she loves) and 2 Almo Nature Daily Menu Dog Foods.

I really like the sounds of the Huntland dog food especially with having natural ingredient in the recipe. I have also been reading lately about the benefits of grain free dog food. I will be very interested in seeing if her behaviour changes when eating grain free. We will introduce this into her diet bit by bit and see how she goes. Check back for updates.

Mollie wanted to try the food straight away and was waiting on my commands!!

Here she is having a little smell of the Dentastix Fresh Dog Chews.

I knew she would love these as we have brought her these treats before. We had just been for a 1hr run. (hence the muddy face) It was perfect timing for a treat!

Mollie waiting patiently!!

We usually break the chews in half so she can have a piece mid morning and a piece for an afternoon snack.

I think you can tell …. Mollie loves all her treats…

About this post: I was sent these treats for Mollie in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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