The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day.

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

Hello friends. Over at The Gallery blog hop this week the theme is World Photography Day and we have been set a challenge to take a photo to treasure for generations to come.

How fun?

Every day is a photo opportunity so here goes:

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day:

As my Husband was at work and my older boys were out for the day we didn’t have anywhere exciting to go.

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

So I made up a challenge to visit 5 parks in 5 hours.

After the first one we were very hungry and popped back home for some lunch….

I was tired then and hoped they had forgot the challenge I had set them but no after some food they were set for the next park.

Being a hot day the parks were full so we found a few quite spots for photos.

A quick run on the track.

A sit on the park watching the ducks.

Then off to the next park.

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day
The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

Then at last we made it to the 5th park.

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

And they did it 5 parks in 5 hours.

This day we will remember for years to come.

Now lets see what everyone else did to celebrate World Photography Day over at The Gallery.

The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day.

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  1. 26 August 2011 / 04:00

    Thank you all so much for the lovely comments,I look forward to reading your 5 park challenges,would be great to hear from anyone who tries it 🙂

  2. Tara Cain
    25 August 2011 / 14:01

    What an absolutely fabulous idea! And that photo of your two hugging under a tree? Perfect

  3. celebratingmums
    25 August 2011 / 08:57

    What an inventive mum you are and bet we will all steal this idea now. I like the tennis court one and the one of them on the bench best

  4. 25 August 2011 / 06:28

    Thanks for all the lovely comment,bit late on replying as my internet was down yesterday and I so didn't need this now i have a blog 🙂

  5. love_from_mummy
    24 August 2011 / 20:54

    Aww, how cute that not only you took pictures to remember for years to come, but you had a really fun day to remember for years to come too. It looks like you had a brilliant time. x

  6. Chloe Hogben
    24 August 2011 / 20:12

    omg i'm loving the effect you have put of the pictures!

  7. Mandi
    24 August 2011 / 19:00

    I totally LOVE your challenge!!! We're fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of parks too, I'll ahve to try this out! :)Hopping over from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you would stop by my blog to say hi! 🙂 Have a great day!Mandi

  8. LauraCYMFT
    24 August 2011 / 15:41

    That's a great idea! Bet they were knackered after it. Great shots too 🙂

  9. Iota
    24 August 2011 / 14:29

    Five parks in five hours. What a great idea.

  10. Judy Haughton-James
    24 August 2011 / 13:33

    Wonderful photos Clairejustine! It is always great to have pictures. As the saying goes – "A picture is worth a thousand words."

  11. Nicki Cawood
    24 August 2011 / 13:07

    Brilliant effects! And a very busy day by the sounds 🙂

  12. Mum2babyinsomniac
    24 August 2011 / 08:39

    Great photos! I am the biggest fan of sepia, I love the look it gives to photos. You are lucky to have so many parks near you! x

  13. Jacq
    24 August 2011 / 08:34

    I love the sepia effect of your photos. We often do multiple park days too.

  14. Pampered Mummy
    24 August 2011 / 08:29

    Great idea, love the photos.

  15. jfb57
    24 August 2011 / 08:06

    Oh these are excellent. I love the sepia look! You'll certainly want to look at these in years to come!

  16. 24 August 2011 / 08:43

    Thank you,we are luck to have so many great large parks around us,it's a shame our favourite one the man would like to sell of for houses,this has just gave me an idea for a blog post save our parks 🙂

  17. Mags
    24 August 2011 / 07:40

    Wow great pics to treasure. I especially love the one on the bench watching the ducks.

  18. 24 August 2011 / 08:35

    Thanks for the comments,It was a great day but I don't think we will do 5 again 🙂

  19. multiplemummy
    24 August 2011 / 07:21

    What a fabulous idea! Plus you got some beautiful photographs. I love how you have given that sepia effect which already adds the illusion of nostalgia! x

  20. Clairejustine
    24 August 2011 / 07:19

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

  21. helloitsgemma
    24 August 2011 / 07:11

    Very neat idea. Love the effect, think my fave's are the views, although your children are lovely!

  22. Mirka Moore
    24 August 2011 / 07:09

    What a nice selection of photos, love the colour too @Kahanka

  23. 24 August 2011 / 07:23

    Thank you,It was hard at first to think of something to do, but the kids love it 🙂

  24. 24 August 2011 / 05:23

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

  25. todd carr
    24 August 2011 / 01:09

    great photos. my favorite is of your boy running towards the finish line.

  26. TwinsWithTots
    23 August 2011 / 21:32

    love this idea. Might need to steal it and find some other cool parks in our area with the kiddies.following from Totally TUesdayNEw follower and hope you’ll follow me back at my site Enjoy!