Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle.

Hello friends, happy Tuesday. So how are you today? Happy Pancake day too. Will you be making pancakes at some time today?

It was beautiful over the weekend, on my weekend off work so we took a nice drive out to Chesterfield. Murphy came along and we had a lovely walk around Queens Park.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle

Watch Murphy’s fun Instagram Reel here: Pose Pose Photoshoot Song On Instagram:

Photoshoot with Murphy. I also made this Reel today of Murphy, My Daughter And I.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle:

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose. Murphy the Goldendoodle is 14 weeks old today!

He seems so much older than just over 3 months as he is grown bigger each day. Also, I sometimes forget he is still a puppy because of his size.

I don’t forget when he bites me with the little baby teeth I nicknamed pins though!! I named them pins because I have pin marks all over my clothes and arms. Hopefully, he will grow out of biting, very soon!

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose:

You can read all about Murphy here if you missed his first post:

Meet Murphy The Gorgeous Goldendoodle.

Dogs are said to have a knack for locating individuals in need. On the first anniversary of my father’s death, this lovely boy entered our lives. We’d been looking for a dog for quite some time, but nothing felt quite right until Murphy came along.

We had to first choose a dog that we could all agree on. Then this lovely young man appeared, and it was one of those advertisements that we kept returning to.

We called him Murphy in honour of my father, and we adore him. Because the photo is so close up, he appears to be enormous. But he isn’t; he’s a little man. His curls give him a large appearance. Meet Murphy The Gorgeous Goldendoodle.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle

Here are some more photos from our walk around Queens Park:

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle:

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose. So what do you think of these photos? Do you like his little jumper too? It is adorable and kept him nice and warm in the winter breeze.


Photoshoot, Pose, Pose:

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Today is National Love Your Pet Day, in case you didn’t know. Do you own any animals?

If you have something, please share it with us. Take a look at Murphy! Murphy sat on my shoes when I got home from work yesterday, preventing me from leaving. He’s such a darling. He did, however, have his moments.

Puppies may appear to be charming and affectionate, yet they may bite hard. With their little pins for teeth, it hurts so much. He enjoys ripping my clothes as well.

See how I celebrated National Pet Day with my lovely Mollie in this post. Unfortunately, she is no longer with me, but I have given her many thoughts today, as I do every day. At Home With Murphy On National Love Your Pet Day.

Secondly, Green Polka Dot Dress And A Visit To Queens Park. 

I bought this green polka dot dress from Primark approximately six weeks ago, but I’ve been saving it for a lovely day.

Saturday had arrived! It was stunning. Because it was so hot, I had to buy some fresh sun cream. It’s hard to believe I was only wearing a huge sweater a week ago! It was beautiful to see all of the Spring flowers blooming.

Pink blossoms may be found all over the place, and they are quite lovely. I was surprised to see so many daffodils still blooming, but I’ve taken a lot of photos of them over the weeks. So I didn’t get to see them this week.

Queen’s Park is a county cricket ground in the Derbyshire town of Chesterfield. It’s a lovely park with plenty of open space. Green Polka Dot Dress And A Visit To Queens Park.

Queens Park: Country Kids Post:

Thirdly, Queens Park: Country Kids Post.

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for a post on country kids!! Yes, for getting the kids out of the house and running around in the park.

We enjoy stopping by Queens Park in Chesterfield anytime we are in the area. When we have free time, we like to go for a walk in the park. The kids always have a good time running about here.

A train in the park is really cute! The train is running today, and it appears that many small children are enjoying the excursion.

I’m sure one of my family members is waving to the train as it passes by in this photo!? Is the shadow visible? Is that my husband? Haha. Queens Park: Country Kids Post.

Fourthly, The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy. 

The First Week With Murphy, A Goldendoodle. Bringing a Goldendoodle home was not the same as bringing a Border Collie home. Murphy, on the other hand, prefers to go with the flow, but the Collie, bless her, was pleased to be on the go, constantly.

So, starting today, I’m going to share my Goldendoodle’s week-by-week progress with you. He began softly, shyly, and unassumingly, but now he is emerging from his shell and commanding the roost. 

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy. You can follow his daily antics over on Instagram here: murphygoldendoodle2021.


What Murphy Wore: Stripy Jumper: B&M News.

Fourthly, Nature Walk Queens Park Chesterfield:

Nature Walk Queens Park Chesterfield.

Today I am sharing a fun walk around Queens Park in Chesterfield. Watching nature and spotting signs of Spring or Pokemon hunting for some!!

All the boys in the house love the Pokemon game on their phones. My Daughter and I just walk around looking for pretty things to photograph. Nature Walk Queens Park Chesterfield.

Fifth, Beautiful Colours Of Spring.

Another busy week here with the children off school for Easter. Over the weekend we visited Queens Park in Chesterfield for a lovely walk in the park.

So many Spring flowers and blossom in bloom. It was such a pleasure to see. Have you been getting out and about? Have you been taking photos of Spring too? Beautiful Colours Of Spring. So pretty.

Photoshoot, Pose, Pose: Murphy The Goldendoodle:

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Photoshoot, Pose, Pose:

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You can also share your thoughts in the comments box below if you’d like. I’m hoping you’ll be able to see us again soon?

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  1. 9 March 2022 / 11:47

    Murphy is adorable in his striped sweater! Your photos are beautiful!

  2. 8 March 2022 / 13:57

    Aw, I love Murphy’s little striped sweater! He is just so precious! Beautiful photos, my friend.


  3. 7 March 2022 / 21:00

    What a gorgeous companion!

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:38

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. 5 March 2022 / 22:35

    Oh Murphy is such a cute dog and I love the sweater he is wearing it looks so nice on hime. And Queens Parks looks like a lovely park in which to spend the day.


    • 13 March 2022 / 08:38

      Thanks Allie. Such a lovely park to visit.

  5. Lovely
    4 March 2022 / 07:01

    Murphy made my day! He is so cute, and these pictures are adorable!

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:37

      Aww, thanks so much, Lovely.

  6. 4 March 2022 / 06:50

    So glad that Murphy came into your lives. Cute little dog. Thanks for linking!

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:37

      Thanks Gail. He is such a sweetheart.

  7. 3 March 2022 / 18:16

    He looks so soft and cuddly! I’ve been enjoying his pictures on instagram.

  8. Jennifer Bliss
    3 March 2022 / 14:43

    I’m new to your blog. Your dog is adorable. Great photos, too! If you want to swing by my place – drop your URL in comments and I’ll add you to my blog roll. CHEERS!

  9. 3 March 2022 / 09:21

    He sounds like an adorable little guy!
    Suzy xx

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:34

      Thanks Suzy. He is so adorable.

  10. Nancy
    3 March 2022 / 07:17

    Oh what a cuty! I’m sure he brings lots of love into your home!

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:33

      Thanks so much Nancy. He is adorable.

  11. Joanne
    2 March 2022 / 22:35

    He is so cute and I love that jumper.

  12. Suzana
    2 March 2022 / 18:29

    So cute! I do not have a dog, but I admire people who has fluffy friends!
    Thank you for entering in our game!
    Happy WW and a fine Spring!

    • 13 March 2022 / 08:33

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  13. Patrick Weseman
    2 March 2022 / 15:44

    Very nice photoshoot.