Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper. Thrifty Thursday.

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. So how are you today? I am a happy bee as it is my day off from work today. That means one thing, SHOPPING!!

Linking up with Jacqui today for the Chic & Stylish Link Up. Will you be joining us?

When I get a Thursday off work, I try to go out for a few hours with my mum and daughter, shopping. Making fun memories and boy do we make those.

We usually end up laughing so much at my mum because of the silly little things she says or does. But not just my mum, I have been known to do or say lots of daft things too.

It’s no fun getting older, well it is because we laugh so hard it hurts.

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper. Thrifty Thursday.

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper. Thrifty Thursday:

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper. Getting older you don’t half do some silly or embarrassing things.

Or say the most random things. But all good fun. We will never forget our shopping trips, that is for sure.

So random but I will give you a bit of an idea of some of the thing’s that happen to us!

Firstly, let’s talk about this stunning dress!!

So today I am styling a pink animal print dress from the charity shop with a black polo neck jumper. I think it creates a chic and playful ensemble with a touch of sophistication.

The vibrant hue of the dress, adorned with whimsical animal prints, infuses a sense of fun into the outfit, while the black polo neck adds a sleek and classic element.

Layering the jumper over the dress not only provides warmth but also allows the dress to peek through, showcasing its unique pattern.

Pairing this ensemble with black ankle boots or strappy heels enhances the overall look, offering a perfect balance between edgy and feminine.

Accessorising with minimalist jewellery and a sleek clutch bag completes the ensemble, making it perfect for a casual day out or a stylish evening affair.

Thrifty Thursday.

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper.

Our Shopping Trips Are Never Dull And Boring:

Anyway, back to my story! Our Shopping Trips Are Never Dull And Boring. My mum once shouted out what she thought of someone, very loudly (because she’s a bit def and doesn’t care what people think anymore).

They were moaning at us going in a shop and they wanted more room to get out so my mum just said what she thought, very loudly.

Can you imagine! They were the type pf people who no one would usually answer back to either. So you can imagine the look on their faces. They were as surprised as us.

I once brought some basketballs and when I went to pay I said, I said sorry the money stuck to my hands from those sticky balls!!

They were so sticky but I didn’t realise what I had said until I looked at my daughter and she was bent over double laughing! I was trying so hard to keep a straight face but my voice turn funny with trying not to laugh.

Like the time I gathered up all my mum’s things, daughter’s things and my things and money to pay the cashier in Primark. When she was running the things through the till she asked me if I also wanted to pay for the jumper on my arm as I forgot to pass it her, Red-faced or what!!

It was actually the same jumper as this and almost my skin colour. Surly it would have dropped when I moved my arms!?

The time I was explaining something to them both with my hands and nearly took a woman out. Only nearly, I just managed to miss her.

Thrifty Thursday

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper:

Best Leave It There.

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper.

Yeah, I best leave that one there, now!! I am guessing this is like the fishing trip on Gavin and Stacy now isn’t it? Half a story and left you wondering what else has happened? Ha!

I could write a post on random embarrassing things you do on a shopping trip, after the age of 40, couldn’t I!? Please tell me it is not just us who do random funny things on a shopping trip?

Anyway Back Onto The Photos:

I brought this dress on one of our shopping trips from a shop like a charity shop but not. It sells lots of brands seconds or old stock. This dress was only £5.00 and was originally Wallis.

I knew I loved it before I brought it and it looked great when I got it home and tried it on. I took it on a trip to London with us and look at me here. Thinking I own the place!! LOL

What I Wore: Dress: Wallis via Thrifty Shop || Black Polo Neck Jumper: Primark

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Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper.

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Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper. Thrifty Thursday.

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper:

Pink Animal Print Dress & A Black Polo Neck Jumper.

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  1. 4 April 2022 / 16:23

    Aren’t moms funny that way! My mom is like that too, as I think when you reach a certain age , you say what you think! The jumper looks great over the dress, I love the print!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • 12 April 2022 / 20:59

      Haha, they are. Thanks so much, Jess.

  2. Lovely
    31 March 2022 / 08:11

    The dress is beautiful, and the price point is great too! Fab outfit!

  3. Carol
    29 March 2022 / 13:11

    It must be so much fun to go shopping with your mom and your daughter. The three of you make memories you’ll cherish forever. The black sweater is a perfect complement to the pink, animal print dress. Animal prints have been so popular recently, but usually they are done with tan or brown tones. I like the pink color as an alternative.

    • 2 April 2022 / 11:58

      Thanks Carol. We always make fun memories.

  4. Maria Khan
    29 March 2022 / 08:35

    This is such a great look!

  5. 5 October 2021 / 03:36

    This is such a fabulous look! I love the pink animal print!


  6. 27 September 2021 / 16:28

    Love this skirt claire, the photos are good too. Hope you have a super week. Jacqui x