Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?

Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge? Hello friends and welcome by the blog today. So how are you today?

Plastic is such a big problem, isn’t it. I also try to cut down wherever possible but it is hard when everything we buy, comes covered in it.

The Plastic Free July challenge, which began in 2011 with an Australian named Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, has developed into a global movement. It acts as an annual reminder to reduce single-use plastic usage and encourages people to take tiny measures toward becoming more environmentally conscious.

Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?

Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?

So today I am sharing a few tips I have picked up along the way to help you cut down on plastic:

Firstly, Say Not To Plastic Straws:

Try to avoid plastic straws. If you like a straw with your drink why not try paper ones? Imagine where the plastic ones end up! Maybe in the ocean!

Secondly, Visit Your Local Market:

At the weekend, take a visit to your local markets, farmers markets or even car boot sales, wherever the sell fresh vegetables. You can easily avoid plastic here as they mostly give out paper bags.

Thirdly, Carry A Reusable Sports Bottle:

Buy carrying a reusable sports bottle wherever you go, you might still be using plastic but you are reusing it and not chucking it away when you are finished. Imagine how many bottles you could have saved in a year!

Fourthly, Have Milk Delivered:

Have you ever thought of having your milk delivered? Milk that is delivered usually comes in a glass bottle and you leave them out when empty so they can reuse them again.

Last But Not Least, Bake Cakes:

By baking your cakes, and health bars you are saving buying treat in plastic wrappers. Try baking your own as they are oh so yummy!!

Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?

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Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?

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Plastic Free July: Are You Taking Part In The Challenge?
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