Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art. Hello friends. Happy Street Art, Sunday. So, you know how much I love my street art, don’t you?

Also, today I am sharing some photos I took in London, August 2020. Wearing my beautiful polka dot dress. Great for my travels also afternoon tea.

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art

I took 100’s of photos when we went down for the night and I am still going through them and sharing them here. I love finding street art, also love revisiting my favourite pieces. Like this one.

London Street Art

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art:

How sweet is this piece of art!

London, Southwark, Clink Street, Street View Wall Art of Child and Noodle Bowl. Also a great place to find hotels here.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” – Ansel Adams.

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse.

London Street Art

Next to the William Shakespeare Street Art In London.

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art:

Street Art Bankside, 34 Park St, London. Photos were taken on 30th August 2020. England,

Apparently, between this and William Shakespeare Street Art, is the entrance to Wagamama but I must have missed this, by admiring the street art!!

London Street Art

Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?‘ – William Shakespeare. Do you know how much I love street art? Well, I found this William Shakespeare under a railway arch in London on our way to our hotel. Once we dropped our bags off at the hotel I was soon back for a few photos, as you do!! How cool!?

What I Wore: Polka Dot Dress With Sleeves: Tu Clothing | Shoes: Converse. So what do you think about this piece of art?

Do you like my polka dot dress too? So much fun to wear. I am so dotty about polka dot dresses. Are you too? Polka dot maxi dress from Sainsbury’s fashion range, Tu Clothing. So do you love this part of London too? As we do. So much to see around here.

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art

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So inspirational. So whenever I find cool street art, I research it on-line when I get home. Such a great thing to do. You can find my post here: London Hearts, Polka Dot Dress And My Over 40 Style.

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Thirdly, Lead You Through The Streets Of London. Hello friends, happy Monday. I love London and today I am sharing some photos from our last visit to London in October 2020. Do you like to visit London? I can just walk for miles and miles here.

So many interesting things to see and do. I love everything about our trips to London and can not wait to be able to travel again. 

How can you tell me you’re lonelyAnd say, for you, that the sun don’t shine
Let me take you by the hand
And lead you through the streets of London
I’ll show you something to make you change your mind-  Ralph Mc Tell; Streets of London

I am hoping to spend lots of time in London this year if lockdown is ever lifted!! Making plans now as I type!! Lead You Through The Streets Of London.

Fourthly, Flowered Jumpsuit And Polka Dot Trainer:

Style combined with comfort for a long walk around London. Also some amazing street art on the blog today. As you know how much I love my street art, don’t you!

How beautiful is this street art overlooking the river Thames and the Shard to the left of it? Very artistic and creative. I love to stop and admire this street art. You can really feel the depth of it. So more amazing in reality and not just a photo.

So what do you think about my jumpsuit? Obviously better with heels, but with nowhere fancy to go, trainer, it is!! Also, how amazing is this street art? Love it. What I Wore: Jumpsuit: H&M || Trainers: Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s || Handbag: Claire Justine Shop. Flowered Jumpsuit And Polka Dot Trainer.

Fifth, Saint Paul’s Cathedral. How amazing is Saint Paul’s Cathedral? Loving these big doors and amazing floor. St Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in London. In the City of London and is a Grade I listed building. St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD. Watch this fun reel on Instagram: Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Sixth, In The Flower Garden:

Or should I say, sunflower garden? So how beautiful is it here? “A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; it just blooms.” Don’t you just love a big garden full of pretty flowers? How beautiful is my new Cath Kidston dress too? Moomins Dress: Cath Kidston. Which I got in London. Sixth, In The Flower Garden. So what do you think?

Rush Around London Taking Photos: Over 40 Travel Style. Last but not least, today I am sharing a few photos from our trip to London a few weeks ago. I love London and although we have only visited twice this year, I have taken 100’s of photos. I wish I could rush around London taking photos everyday!

The husband and I like to go down one day and stop the night. Spending 24 hours in London is so much fun. Rush Around London Taking Photos: Over 40 Travel Style. So much fun.

Thanks so much for stopping by here today. Republished post. First shared here 13th March 2021. So do you also love finding street art?

Polka Dot Maxi Dress And Some London Street Art
Polka Dot Maxi Dress UK Buy And Some London Street Art
Claire Justine
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  1. 6 April 2022 / 3:47 PM

    This is a marvelous dress Claire, it really suits you. I love the length of it. Hope you are well. Jacqui x

  2. 15 January 2022 / 12:34 AM

    The mural is beautiful (those eyes!), and makes a wonderful backdrop for your photos. I love how comfortable this outfit must be. I’m all about comfort. So glad that sneakers are on-trend.

    • 15 January 2022 / 10:32 AM

      Thank you, I love finding street art 🙂

  3. 11 January 2022 / 1:54 PM

    I just pulled out my polka dot dress to wear on Sunday! Love how you always find beautiful street art!

  4. Lovely
    18 March 2021 / 7:32 AM

    Love the polka dot dress and the street art background is fun!

  5. 17 March 2021 / 4:51 PM

    One of the things I can’t wait to do is go to London and take some pictures with street art. In theory I could go in on the train now but it wouldn’t be an essential train journey so I’d feel too guilty. Love your ankle socks with the dress – very on trend! Thanks for sharing at #WowOnWednesday. x

    • 18 March 2021 / 10:02 PM

      I love London too Gail. Aww yes I could for my business too but same as you as it is not essential. Makes me look forward to going more when we can 🙂

  6. Anna
    16 March 2021 / 3:53 AM

    I am also always on the hunt for fun street art around Sydney. Love your maxi dress, so floaty with a hint of boho vibe

  7. image-in-ing weeklly photo linky
    15 March 2021 / 10:20 PM

    I wish we had more street art here. It adds so much interest to what would otherwise be bland and industrial.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. klara
    15 March 2021 / 9:03 PM

    that’s a pretty dress. and fun backdrop.

  9. 15 March 2021 / 5:55 PM

    Claire, I love your polka dot dress with sneakers and these murals are really so much fun! Great photos!


  10. 15 March 2021 / 1:21 PM

    I love finding art murals like this. I need to take some time to visit the ones in Atlanta! There are quite a few!

  11. Liza Wibisono
    15 March 2021 / 11:33 AM

    Gorgeous polka dots dress.


  12. 14 March 2021 / 6:46 PM

    Polka dots always make me happy, what a darling dress! I love photos by murals and street art. I really need to try to find some here in STL!


    • 16 March 2021 / 8:38 AM

      Thanks Carrie. I love polka dots and finding street art 🙂

  13. 13 March 2021 / 8:58 PM

    What a fun backdrop for your photos! I love polka dots this time of year! Such a cute spring transition look!

    • 13 March 2021 / 11:09 PM

      Thank you Jill. I love my polka dots 🙂

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