Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reasons

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Hello friends. So how are you today?

Polka dots have an undeniable charm that never goes out of style, making them an absolute wardrobe essential for me.

They inject an instant playfulness and vibrancy into any outfit. The whimsical pattern has a magical ability to lift my spirits and add a touch of joy to my day.

The polka dots are incredibly versatile, effortlessly transitioning from casual to formal occasions.

Whether I’m donning a polka dot dress for a brunch date or incorporating the pattern into my every day wear, the dots make a statement without being overbearing.

Polka Dots Make Me Pop

Also, the timeless nature of polka dots ensures that they withstand the ever-changing tides of fashion, allowing me to invest in pieces that withstand the test of time.

It’s the kind of print that truly makes me pop, offering a delightful fusion of classic elegance and contemporary flair to my wardrobe.

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reasons Why: 

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Polka Dots Give Me Confidence.
  • Secondly, They Make Me Happy ,Cheerful And Smile.
  • Thirdly, Modern With A Vintage Twist.

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

(Pop with lots smiles and happiness!! I mean, not pop like a balloon) Ha!!. You know when you have to have that coat, pair of shoes; skirt or dress? Even when you own lots of things in a similar style? Well that.

I just had to have this polka dot skirt!! I have loved polka dot in forever and I treated myself to this beautiful skirt a few weeks ago, when we took a shopping trip to Meadowhall.

The other day I thought to myself why do I keep buying polka dot outfits!?Then I realise why I love polka dots;

Polka Dots Make Me Pop

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reasons Why:

1.) Polka Dots Give Me Confidence.

Firstly, if you wear something and it makes you feel confident, then you should keep on wearing it, right!? Polka dots give me confidence and that is why I love them and wear them forever.

Wearing polka dots isn’t just about fashion; it’s a confidence booster that transforms the way I carry myself. There’s something inherently empowering about the playful pattern that resonates with my personality.

The rhythmic repetition of dots adds a sense of structure and order to my ensemble, creating a visual harmony that translates into self-assurance.

Whether it’s a polka dot blouse or a daring spotted accessory, the pattern demands attention in the most delightful way, allowing me to stand out and feel confident, in my own way.

It’s almost as if each dot becomes a small emblem of confidence, inspiring me to embrace my unique style and express myself boldly.

There’s an undeniable charm in the simplicity of polka dots that encourages me to own my presence and walk with a newfound sense of assurance, making every day a confident stride forward.

Polka Dots Make Me Pop

They Make Me Happy ,Cheerful And Smile:

2.) They Make Me Happy ,Cheerful And Smile.

Secondly, I am like a magpie to gold when it comes to polka dots! I can spot them a mile away.

Polka dots have an enchanting effect on my mood, effortlessly infusing my days with happiness, cheerfulness, and an infectious smile.

The whimsical dance of dots on my clothing creates an instant burst of joy, lifting my spirits and turning even the most mundane moments into something special.

We even had some new polka dot dresses in at work yesterday and it made me smile. Maybe it is because they make me smile and pop with happiness that I love them so much!?

I smile when I wear them, I smile when I see others wearing them, I smile when I see them in the shops.

There’s a playfulness in polka dots that resonates with my inner sense of delight, making every outfit a celebration of happiness.

Whether it’s a polka dot dress that twirls with every step or a subtle spotted accessory that adds a touch of whimsy, the pattern never fails to elicit a genuine, ear-to-ear grin.

It’s as if each dot carries a dose of positive energy, turning my wardrobe into a source of daily joy and reminding me to find delight in the little things.

In a world that can sometimes be serious, polka dots provide a delightful escape, turning my fashion choices into a personal expression of happiness that radiates with every smile.

Claire Justine Oxox- Over 50s Lifestyle Blog

Modern With A Vintage Twist:

3.) Modern With A Vintage Twist.

Last but not least, they are always in fashion. Like every year and new season they are always in fashion. Even thought they were in fashion in the 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s they never go out of fashion. I also love them!!

Polka dots, with their timeless appeal, effortlessly marry the modern with a captivating vintage twist in my wardrobe.

The classic pattern, reminiscent of mid-century style, has found a way to seamlessly integrate into contemporary fashion, offering a fresh take on nostalgia.

Whether adorning a sleek blouse, a chic midi skirt, or a playful jumpsuit, polka dots exude a modern flair while paying homage to the elegance of bygone eras.

I love the retro charm with contemporary silhouettes creates a style fusion that is both sophisticated and whimsical.

It’s a delightful nod to the past with a forward-looking edge, allowing me to embrace the best of both worlds.

The versatility of polka dots ensures that they remain a staple in my modern wardrobe, providing a touch of vintage allure that never fails to make a bold, fashion-forward statement.

Polka Dots Make Me Pop

They are something I love to wear and I think look nice on wherever I go and I always feel smart and dressed up.

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3 Reason Why

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reason Why:

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reason Why. If I ever walk by a shop or even a charity shop and spot something in the window, I have to go in to see what size it is!

So are you a fan of polka dot fashion?

What I Wore: Coat: c/o Marisota | Jumper: Primark | Bag And Boots: Primark | Shirt: New in H&M |

Claire Justine Oxox- Over 50s Lifestyle Blog

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Polka Dots Make Me Pop

Polka Dots Make Me Pop And Here Are 3 Reason Why:

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  1. Chrissy
    15 April 2020 / 12:59

    I love the polka dots. And the black and white is so pretty with the red!!

    Chrissy, Granola & Grace

  2. 29 January 2020 / 09:57

    I love polka dots and your skirt is lovely. The pink boots add a splash of colour and a happy vibe to your outfit.

    • 30 January 2020 / 14:09

      Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. 27 January 2020 / 22:57

    Claire, polka dots have the same effect on me! You can’t help but smile when you see polka dots especially big, bold, colorful polka dots! This skirt is fabulous and those booties are perfection. Such a wonderfully energetic outfit. It is making me smile, for sure. Thanks for linking up!


    • 30 January 2020 / 14:09

      Aww, yes I remember you loving your dots too. I remember that beautiful dress you have.

  4. Michelle
    26 January 2020 / 18:41

    What an adorable outfit! I love the vintage style, and your Minnie purse. Also, you can never go wrong with red and black – such a dramatic combo!


  5. 26 January 2020 / 14:28

    I dont think I have polka dots in my wardrobe, but I love these larger dots on your dress! Looks so good with the red booties and that coat is so fab! BTW, that gazebo in your pictures is gorgeous!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • 30 January 2020 / 14:08

      Thanks Jess. I love all dotty dots.

  6. 24 January 2020 / 12:09

    I do not have much with polka dots but I do like them. Just never has been something I reach for in a store.

    • 30 January 2020 / 14:08

      Thank for the comment lovely.

  7. 23 January 2020 / 13:19

    I love polka dots too. That is a great skirt on you and I love how you’ve styled it!

  8. 22 January 2020 / 18:36

    Polka dots do make me smile but while I do like them I don’t ever really buy anything with them on it.

  9. 22 January 2020 / 15:16

    Polka dots always are so spring ish! Love it!

    • 23 January 2020 / 11:38

      Thanks Nancy. Whoo they must remind me of Spring and that is why they make me happy then.

  10. Midlifeandbeyond
    22 January 2020 / 10:51

    I love polka dots they are one of my favourites too. Agree we should wear clothes which make us happy.

  11. 22 January 2020 / 10:37

    I love polka dots. They’re never going to go out of fashion are they? Love minnie mouse too! xx

    • 23 January 2020 / 11:37

      No they don’t, do the Laurie. Thanks so much for joining us.