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Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then!

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then! Hello friends.

How much fun?

All I really needed was an umbrella and rain jacket. Like you do on holiday.

When you go on holiday and pack only summer clothes, you have to wear them even in the pouring rain.

I forgot to pack for all weathers.

It is hard enough packing for a family, never mind packing for Winter weather conditions.

I really wish I had packed a Winter weather proof jacket for us all, warmer clothes, a woolly dressing gown and slippers.

Thankfully I remembered to take some jeans with me!! Good old jeans!! I wore these a lot. All week really. In between my dresses.

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then!

I thought this bright red polka dot top, sunglasses and sandals might make the sun come out on this day but no such luck!I did try!!

It rained 5 days out of 5. What have we done wrong to deserve this?

No sunbathing on the beach for us 🙂

Make A Great Holiday Then!

Posing outside our accommodation at Butlins last week.

How cool are these flats?

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then!

Wet toes in the puddles!! No getting my socks wet though.

Make A Great Holiday Then!

This week it has been beautiful, the sun has been out and Summer has arrived.

Now it is the weekend and the children have time off school the torrential rain has come back! Typical.

At least the garden will be happy and green again.

Grr, lots more mowing to do next week then.

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holidays Then!

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then!

What I Wore: Top: Primark | Jeans: Primark | Shoes: c/o Strive

Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then!
Polka dot top
Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday

How is your weekend going?

Do you have sunshine or rain?

How would you make the most of the rain on holiday?

What would you pack in your suitcase for a holiday in the UK?

Wellies and sandals? Raincoats and vests? shorts and warm joggers? Suncream? Let me know!!

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I adore these flowers and these photos so much. In particular, I love my polka dots.

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What I Wore: Dress ~ George Asda | Shoes ~ F and F Tesco | New Handbag ~ Primark

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6 responses to “Polka Dots, Rain, Sunglasses: Make A Great Holiday Then”

  1. Rebecca Young says:

    We've just had our first rain for 3 weeks in our bit of Somerset.Just mentioned that I didn't have to water my plants last night in my latest post!

  2. Tamar SB says:

    We've had the same weather – warm and gorgeous on school days and wet and chilly on weekends!

  3. Jaymie Ashcraft says:

    Such a cute top!!Jaymie

  4. Winnie says:

    Beautiful top, especially when it's red :)Here we defubutekty have warm weather

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great pic ..pity the rain came .

  6. Coombe Mill says:

    Sorry you didn't get the sun, you deserve it with that lovely top #CreativeMondays

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