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Polka Dotty And How Cool Are These Windows!?

Polka Dotty And How Cool Are These Windows!?

Some pictures of what I wore on holiday in Blackpool last week on the blog today. How cool are the windows and the stair case in the hotel we stay in? When I go away I always pack a few different dresses but a find I love one outfit more than the others..

Or is this just because I adore polka dots!?!

This outfit got wore on a night out, to the beach and on the scooters…

What I wore~

Dress~ Select

Legging ~ Matalan

Shoes ~ F&F

Now the holidays are over and children are back to school it is time for mum to get fit again. The last 4 weeks of the holidays I went away, ate junk food and did no exercise. After a kettle ball class on Friday and a run yesterday, boy do I hurt all over..Fitness eh!… take forever to gain and weeks to lose it!?!…

12 thoughts on “Polka Dotty And How Cool Are These Windows!?

  1. How pretty you look! This is a really lovely dress, so flattering on you, you look so young and innocent! Nice backdrp too!x

  2. Love the dress…it's adorable and what a great idea to wear it over leggings. You look gorgeous!

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